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Bad advice. How NOT to BECOME the rich?

you are afraid that you will be unintentionally attacked by money and you will not be able to beat off? Be not afraid, following the following rules, you will be able always to remain poor and all same independent from money. Even if money nevertheless will attack - you fast will cope with them and again will be left with nothing.

1. Always think that will think and will tell about you people around.

I arrive according to their expectations and wishes. And never do anything, contrary to opinion of people around. Where all - there and you. All buy expensive car, though old still goes - and you buy too. And it is unimportant that you are not able to go, and the car got in inheritance from the grandfather. But now you have in garage a very expensive iron horse. Here it is only when unclear what with it to do. If the seller in boutique says that you are able to afford such expensive purchase, all buy this thing, - too surely buy. And that will ridicule. As, at all already is - and at you is not present. Disorder. It is necessary to keep closer to collective. And it is unimportant that this collective (as well as many others) does not put in anything you, and its purposes are predetermined is not present, not leaders, but marketing specialists who know better that you have to want. And it is even better - not just to be AS everything, it is even better to be most ABRUPTLY. To have the most expensive and prestigious car, the most fashionable clothes, the smartest giving (well and what that you have no time on it to have a rest because all the time it is necessary to earn for percent on the credits?) most , most , most

In general, observance of concepts will FASHIONABLY and PRESTIGIOUSLY relieve you of any accumulation. If they, God forbid, at you incidentally are brought. But sellers and dealers will become for you the best friends. And your purse - their best friend.

2. Surely get addictions.

Even if you smoke rather cheap cigarettes (approximately, 1 dollar for a pack), but daily smoke 1 - 2 packs, your monthly budget will miss 30 - 60 dollars. If addictions do not cope with a purse - make them more expensive and magnificent. For example, hourly smoking of the Havana cigars. And regular drinking of alcohol, too provocatively expensive and elite. Here and couples of hundreds Killed. Raccoons. will not be enough. Besides, addictions will reduce also your desire and forces much and to work actively. And it is even better, be fond of gamblings - and any money, any problems.

So from addictions there are two advantages on disposal of money at once: in - the first, they will prevent you to earn, and in - the second, will help to spend already earned.

3. Never set to yourself any purposes and plan nothing. Everything do

at once, instinctively, without having thought, properly.

4. Fast and risky money - here your fad.

The more risky - the better. And the less you understand the sphere where you invest money in hope to receive fast return - the better. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the grown hateful money.

5. Trust money to foreign people and firms.

to you Lenya Golubkov Here will come and will ask money for the next pyramid - surely give it the money. Ideally, such Leni Golubkow (or his firms) should have neither constituent documents, nor own money, nor the license, nor own room. And the legal address of firm has to settle down where - nibud in an offshore zone or, at the worst, in one of lanes in a half-ruined industrial zone on the suburb of the city where the remains of houses by miracle remained (or it is the remains of warehouses?) . Never check existence of this firm to its legal address. Be not interested as long this firm worked in the market who is a part of founders and why in ten - to nadtsat their percent time above, than at all others in this niche. Excess knowledge - excess efforts.

6. Do not put off the dreams - buy them today. you Want

the superfashionable mobile phone - go and buy. If there is no money - take the credit. Questions it seems How there can be a means of communication fashionable? should not confuse you. If say that it is fashionable - run and buy. Do not wait until you earn (and that during this time it twice will fall in the price), take the credit (it is desirable, without pledge, will be so more expensive) and buy. Leave a question of the one to whom you will call and whether it is necessary to call you in general for those clever men who dream to become the rich.

7. Never think of tomorrow and do not try to save anything. It is so boring for

, know that even in case of work loss you will be able to live comfortably some more months if several years laid off at least 10 - 20 percent from earnings. To you, as to the person who seeks to secure himself against money, it to anything. In total as - nibud itself it is formed.

Following this advice, you will never grow rich - can be sure. And here if you try to make everything on the contrary - then take care, you are waited by constant cares of how to keep and increase greatly money and as to spend them. Unless it is necessary to you?