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How to make Birthday is much more cheerful than KVN?

Tomorrow I go on Birthday to the girlfriend. The original gift already waits for the hour of triumph, the bouquet of flowers brings pleasure too, but I feel that something somehow is missing, something remained unprepared!

Except dances, jokes, toasts and ridiculous stories on Birthday it is possible to arrange the real concert (in good sense of this word). Just you should not forget that it is possible to have fun with games - the benefit the company huge, time has enough and the situation has.

There is a couple of games which work smoothly. I will begin with the darling. It is necessary to be prepared for its carrying out in advance. But it will take no more than 5 minutes. Take Sunday issue of the favourite newspaper in hand and comfortably settle in a chair. No, I will not advise you to remember all read to support a small talk at a table and as a result to provoke a fight after hot discussions about policy. In general do not read the newspaper. Take scissors and ruthlessly begin to cut out headings and parts of articles and notes.

When it will be made, collect everything and hide in a sock. Going on a celebration, do not forget to take it with yourself. It is a requisite for game which is called And at me in panties . And here sock?

The sock with cuttings is passed round (you will not thrust into trousers of cutting of headings!) and each guest, having extended from him cutting, speaks And at me in panties and what he read on cutting. Remarkable jokes - " turn out from this; And at me in panties too expensive " gas; or And at me in panties Putin signed the agreement on non-aggression . Generally, you watch that the situation at you was in panties under control because sometimes the laughter during game makes not only cry in the eyes.

The following game is called In Louvre . Present that stole a valuable picture which needs to be restored quickly. You ask for help of other artists (guests), having written on a pure canvas (sheet of paper), the name of work, to help to reproduce anew it anew, and, naturally, each of artists tries to create a masterpiece. That is, each guest draws on a leaf what he considers more comparable to the name of a picture written from above a leaf, its parts drawn with other artists he does not see because they are wrapped in the form of an accordion (protection of copyright!) .

Again someone will steal the turned-out picture and will present to the birthday man that he surely hung up it on a wall over a bed and every time before going to bed admired.

After such motionless games which lead to a hypodynamia it is worth moving. If dances already bothered you, begin to play game which is called Bems - There Will be an estrabottom - a musical sketch . The team chooses the song which it will represent, that is, will put a performance - a miniature according to contents of the song.

As after all these games guests will forget about shyness and will approach, it will be already possible to pass to team games.

The best team game is Conquistadors . The purpose of each team of conquerors - to find to itself wealth. The Royal Spanish Court (birthday man) gives you this task, and his team has to execute by means of the map of the unknown world (the apartment or the room) and notes with indications of location of treasures - almost all notes hide in different places, and one is given in a charge of players.

The part can be placed in special points of an exchange . The team will receive a note in such point if it satisfies a certain condition. For example, will inflate for the birthday man of 10 balls in the " point; Cheating or will sing the song in the " point; Karaoke etc. Do not forget to divide the found treasures with the Spanish Royal Court!

There now and everything because, it seems to me when you play these games, at you will appear ideas of new entertainments which will continue your magnificent party. Be just cheerful and resourceful!!!