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What it is necessary to know about food E - additives?

In our hard time saddened by bad ecology, technogenic accidents and many other factors, negative for our health, the increasing impact on our organism exert the food consumed by us which, unfortunately, not always are such useful as we would like it. And it first of all is connected, strangely enough, with growth of the range of food, in this regard also growth of the food additives used at their production increases.

At once I will make a reservation that food additives with the " index; E it is not necessary to perceive immediately in bayonets, they, in essence, are just substances (natural or artificial) which at addition in a product allow to reach certain technological effects (colors, density etc.) . Another thing is that many of these additives when carrying out a number of researches were recognized harmful to an organism, and sometimes even as deadly. For this reason it is also very desirable to understand the classification E - additives.

So, all food additives are divided by a functional purpose on:

- dyes (E100 - E182) - strengthen or restore color of a product;

- preservatives (E200 - E299) - raise period of storage of products, protecting them from microbes, fungi;

- antioxidants (E300 - E399) - protect from oxidation, for example, from rancidification of fats and change of color; - stabilizers and thickeners (E400 - E499) - keep the set consistence and increase viscosity respectively;

- emulsifiers (E500 - E599) - create uniform mix of immiscible substances (for example, waters and oils);

- amplifiers of taste and a smell (E600 - E699);

- defoaming agents (E900 - E999) - warn or reduce formation of foam;

- E1000 group above - the glazing agents, and also sweeteners, a baking powder and others.

As our legislation it is authorized to producer most to choose whether to specify on a label just number of the " index; E or to place the full name of the applied additive. And thus at first sight ominous E500 or E330 are usual soda and lemon acid. Though on the other hand, producers quite often instead of harmful additives specify just their name: aspartame fans of sweet aerated water of foreign production for certain saw the word, and here the fact that this substance is classified as E951 and the influence on serotonin in a cerebral cortex promotes development of a maniacal depression and attacks of panic and aggression, precisely very few people know.

Also there is a group of products in which application of these additives is absolutely inadmissible . Kefir, sour cream, milk, honey, grain, etc., that is products which are not exposed to processing belong to these products.

Many of us, probably, consider that application E - additives and in baby food is forbidden? It by no means not so. As it was already told above, these additives can be absolutely harmless. And therefore in baby food today it is authorized to to use lactic acid, tokoferola, carbon dioxide, letsitina, lemon acid and its salts, sodium phosphate, various gum (and it is only the list for kids till 5 months, and further the list still extends!) . So you should not panic if on packing of children`s mix you see the inscription E411 (carob tree gum) is a substance the natural and safe, besides helping to lower volume and number of vomiting at children.

Now we will pass not to such iridescent descriptions of influence of certain food additives on our organism. So, danger from consumption of various products by us with the increased content of E - additives is connected with the fact that if any food additives are not recognized corresponding sanitarno - laboratory instances deadly at the use in food, then they in the majority are considered as harmless. And consuming them, respectively, we necessarily become usual guinea pigs.

That to avoid it, is necessary just most to possess the necessary information so remember. Here main E - the additives forbidden in the territory of the Russian Federation : E121 - dye citrus red; E123 - dye a red amaranth; E240 - preservative formaldehyde; E116 - 117 - the preservatives which are actively used by production of confectionery and meat products; E924a and E924b - so-called improvers of flour and " bread;.

Except them are also forbidden : E103, E107, E125, E127, E128, E213 - 219, E140, E153 - 155, E166, E173-175, E180, E182, E209, E213-219, E225-228, E230-233, E237, E238, E240, E241, E252, E253, E264, E281-283, E302, E303, E305, E308-314, E317, E318, E323-325, E328, E329, E343-345, E349, E350-352, E355-357, E359, E365-368, E370, E375, E381, E384, E387-390, E399, E403, E408, E409, E418, E419, E429-436, E441-444, E446, E462, E463, E465, E467, E474, E476-480, E482-489, E491-496, E505, E512, E519-523, E535, E537, E538, E541, E542, E550, E552, E554-557, E559, E560, E574, E576, E577, E579, E580, E622-625, E628, E629, E632-635, E640, E641, E906, E908-911, E913, E916-919, E922-926, E929, E942-946, E957, E959, E1000, E1001, E1105, E1503, E1521.

Except the forbidden food additives, exist also resolved, but considered dangerous (provoke development of malignant tumors, diseases of kidneys, a liver etc.) however within this article their transfer can seem a little bulky.

So at the choice of products in shop you should not get to a trap of beautiful packing, it is desirable to look at a reverse side of a label and at least approximately to estimate whether will sustain your organism such chemical attack .