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Brand. It is how easy to deal with it?

For advance of the product in the conditions of dynamically developing market and the huge competition of the company assign an important part to a certain mechanism and a legend, an anchor for the client - to a brand. And it is not surprising, goods or service of firm, whose trademark are a brand, becomes the guarantor of quality and reliability. And in the opinion of target audience allows to make a choice for this offer at the difficult moments of the choice.

Leaning on examples of leaders of modern business, it is possible to claim that the good brand is hardly the key to success and long-term prosperity of the company. To experience technology of influence of a brand, in the beginning we will address the famous world brands, it as McDonald`s, Coca - Cola.

Feeling for the buyer in the first case - family values, in the second - self-expression and pleasure from life. This successful positioning is aimed at long-term prospect and the multi-billion income.

But what way to success, width of impact of the branded goods on the consumer? The good correct brand gives rise to associations in consciousness of the consumer. From the western experience we know that at the majority of successful brands the memorable names. For example, Taster`s Choice ( Choice of the taster ): taste and smell of ground coffee; Toys R Us (Toys are we), DieHard batteries ( Hardy ) . The brand Marlboro for many years meant cowboys in the country of Marlboro .

Then the company began to spray efforts and entered into production Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Mediums and Marlboro Menthol. In the country of Marlboro confusion set in, and at a brand problems began. There is their reason: the real cowboys do not smoke extralight cigarettes or with menthol. In other words, it does not correspond to a basis of their image, the initial legend did not work. Fortunately, Marlboro returned to cowboys and simple is red - to white cigarettes. And affairs of the company considerably improved.

For successful advance of a brand of one of the main characteristics the exact ratio of the name of goods and its image is. So, for example, the Volvo carmaker owns the word safety . And it works for success, the design of the Volvo car is quite similar to the reliable tank.

Other trade history at automobile corporation " Fiat;. Having entered the Scandinavian market with the " brand; Uno she found out what in Finland this word means Simpleton . And brand of the Soviet " car; " Zaporozhets; in translation from Finnish sounds as pork tail developers had to sell it under the name Yalta . At the Tolyatti " brand; " Zhiguli; similar destiny: in the Arab language of the word dzhugul and hellbender designate extremely ignorant and false and in French similarity to the word " is traced; to a zhigola (souteneur) and to a zhig (lanky fellow). However our experts did not become puzzled and positioning of the company in an image of a castle on roads developed into the name Lada .

However many companies think out remarkable ideas, but do not try to obtain success, and eventually in this category there is other firm which gets a rank the first . In it sense of marketing. As an example it is possible to take fight between producers of computers - IBM and Univac. The last producer entered the market earlier, and the victory eventually remained for IBM. It was not the first though many so consider and the first personal computer was at all not that which strongly entered now consciousness of millions. The difficult name MITS Altair 8800 from Univac did not bring it success.

Most of people believe that Apple was the first personal computer. But this brand was fixed on this position thanks to very good advertizing and sales promotion. Of course, at business the philosophy of a survival. One of the fundamental parties is the change philosophy. Readiness and ability to updating becomes an indispensable guarantee of success in the fast-changing life stream.

Not for nothing the recognized computer leader - the Intel company - since the beginning of the current year actively comes to the new level of the activity. Rebranding process became the important decision of the management: the logo form changes, new slogans appear. One of them says: Intel - Leap ahead in a literal translation as breakthrough forward that will not fail to be reflected in all sphere of IT - technologies and services.

In the Russian market too not everything is quiet. Analysts consider that in fight for a place in the sun the companies should reconsider repeatedly such marketing positions as strengthening of a brand, strengthening of its uniqueness, change of an image of production in consciousness of consumers and at the expense of it involvement of new clients. And all this problems of the correct, well thought over rebranding. And changes in financial activity of the company towards increase in the income have to become result.

Drawing a line under the aforesaid, it should be noted that improvement of a brand - a responsible step for the company, the reputation of consumer brands is earned, generally on quality of the made production. We hope, as the buyer will remain in a prize.