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What it is possible to replace a fir-tree with?

New year! Both adults, and children look forward to this holiday with its cheerful games and festivities, with a unique smell of needles in each house, with the sparkling elegant toys, with surprises.

The fir-tree remains the main Christmas decoration, of course. But if you did not manage to get the fluffy beauty, be not upset. There is a custom to create the New Year`s compositions symbolizing the same decorated fir-tree and filling the room with the same fresh coniferous aroma.

Can serve as initial material one or two fancifully curved branches of any coniferous plant, whether it be a fir-tree, a pine, a juniper or a cedar. From them it is possible to create surprising New Year`s miniatures.

For this purpose select several coniferous branches, put them in a high vase or by means of the special fixing adaptation (kenzan) fix on a flat ceramic, glass or metal vase.

If there is opportunity, add one - two callas, two - three carnations, roses or gerberas. The composition from branches and flowers is decorated with the brilliant serpentine, Christmas tree decorations, a rain and put near an original candlestick with the burning candles - and the elegant miniature which looks cheerfully and festively is ready.

As additional material for New Year`s composition birch bark, fir, pine, cedar cones, fruits etc. can be used. Coniferous branches perfectly are in harmony with leaves of some houseplants, such as an asparagus, callas, a begonia, koleus, a fern.

Besides, it is possible to find the orange brushes of a mountain ash, purple berries of a dogrose, branch of elder or a hawthorn covered with bright fruits in the wood in the early winter. Compositions from branches happen to fruits, as a rule, very expressive and well look in an apartment interior.

Very beautifully the ears of some decorative cereals collected in the summer look in a narrow ceramic or glass vase: wheat, rye, oats. In the big light room branches of a rogoz and a cane, especially in combination with the blossomed houseplants - a cyclamen, a poinsettia, an azalea, shlyumbergery very interestingly look.

The special cosiness is created by decorative candles in original candlesticks. The composition from several multi-colored candles put in oblong ceramic, silver or brass ware differs in big expressiveness.

Sometimes take two plates of the small sizes. On the big turned plate put smaller, decorate space between edges of plates with fir-tree branches. On the top plate establish a high candle.

The most suitable place for such compositions - on a sideboard, a bookcase or on a coffee table. The tiny composition replacing a fir-tree can be established also in the middle of a New Year`s table. In this case it has to be put in a low vase not to cause inconvenience to the people sitting against each other.

Helps to create a festive situation in the apartment also illumination. It is arranged so that it promoted good mood of people, caused feeling of comfort and warmth. It is possible to use various garlands with bulbs of different flowers and the sizes which are on sale in a big variety.

There is a little imagination - and in New Year`s evening you will manage to please a family and guests. Only do not forget to prepare all necessary long before a holiday.