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Flirtation - game in pleasure.

the Only way to get rid of a temptation are to give in to it. Oscar Wilde

Flirtation is only mental game, and once you take it too seriously or, the action directed to receiving a certain result. Though, of course, successful flirtation can help to solve practical problems.

Quite often men consider that time the woman flirts with them, she means something promises. They take a detached view of flirtation of the woman, as of some obligation which she has to go out in the next terms.

Certainly, flirting with the man, the woman can pursue quite predictable aims. Nevertheless, sometimes girls flirt just to derive pleasure or to show thus the friendly arrangement. Flirting, they can show the charm, charm, sexuality, to feel attractive and desirable that, certainly, amuses their soul and even slightly charms an ego.

At everything at the same time if the girl flirts with you, or you flirt with the girl, it does not give absolutely any grounds on development of the further relations, sex, a romantic dinner or on a new meeting yet.

Flirtation is only an opportunity, but not the promise or the obligation. It is game in which there is no winner, and the account does not make any sense. It is fairly more important as you play and whether your counterpart plays the same game, as you.

Flirting, you can be not always confident in what aim is pursued at present by your interlocutor. It can be just verbal balancing act, narcissism, a non-significant hint on the promise, demonstration of original interest, “tasting“ of the potential partner, the real prelude. … The probability that everything can occur also impacts to flirtation special relish and sharpness of feelings.

Costs mentions and that fact that during flirtation there can be multiple purposes, their hierarchy can change and even to arise the new purposes, absolutely unevident or unpredictable at the beginning of game. At the same time, there is always a way to evade gracefully from, apparently, already promised. Flirting at a party, you can find an adventure, meet love, the fellow traveler for travel, and perhaps, will just get acquainted with the person having common interests. Enjoy the moment and use the opportunities opening before you.

Style of flirtation consists of a set of elements and their individual coloring. You have to find the own intriguing and convincing manner of flirtanichesky game. If you are angry, aggressive or too serious, then it is improbable that you will be able successfully to flirt. Try to leave at least sometimes the ordinary mindset and to derive pleasure, without having visible result. It is not necessary to look for reasons for flirtation, it is necessary to create them. And if you want to raise a personal factor of a flirtabilnost, then these should be engaged.

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