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Than the State of Colorado is remarkable? Travel for four days. Part 1

the Decision to go to the State of Colorado arose spontaneously though for me any trip - great pleasure. The very young Muscovite who worked in business trip in Houston 3,5 months decided to take small vacation before return home and to see interesting places in the States. It needed somebody for the company - all - in others country to travel alone not really comfortably. As most not burdened with work among her acquaintances, I with great pleasure agreed to go for four days.

At once I will notice that during a trip we made with it picturesque couple - grandmothers and granddaughters, and everywhere to us there was a fine relation. In two weeks prior to a trip began to develop carefully a route, it is far better to go everything and what to look at, proceeding from existence of time. The son undertook all cares on registration of tickets, booking of hotel and lease of the car. Well and of course, made to us of the Internet of listing of all necessary cards with the detailed indication of turns and exits to this or that road or the street. My God and the Internet - the most remarkable assistant to travelers will be blessed!

Shortly about the State of Colorado . Staff occupies the territory of 269,7 thousand - 8 - e the place in the USA. And on population only 24 - e, only 4,3 million people live there, it is so much in big Houston lives! Colorado - most high-rise the state of the USA, all its territory lies at the height more than 2000 meters above sea level. If to look at a USA map, then on it Colorado has the form of the correct quadrangle, its borders are parallels and meridians, i.e. it is located between 41 and 37 degrees of a northern latitude, and from the East on the West lasts from 102 to 109 degrees of the western longitude. Similar borders have just states Wyoming and Utah. The state received the name according to the name of the river Colorado (Colorado) that in translation from Spanish means painted in red as the river flows among rocks with a reddish shade. Yes, among mountains in Colorado of red rocks there is a lot of! A nickname, or as now speak, nickname at Colorado - Century staff as it was a part of the USA in 1876, in the 100-th anniversary of acceptance Declarations of Independence .

In the middle of the 19th century, since 1850, Colorado had the gold and silver fever described in many works. Near the city of Aspen in 1894 the biggest silver nugget, weighing 835 kg was found. It also until now is the largest nugget in the world. In mines of staff and now extract gold and silver, and on extraction of molybdenum and production of Colorado steel wins first place in the USA. Not incidentally on the coat of arms of staff the pick and the hammer symbolizing the mining industry - the basis of the economy are represented. And a gold sphere in the letter With on a flag speaks about existence of the gold mines. In the USA two mints. And one of them is in Denver, the capital of the State of Colorado, another - in Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania.

Colorado - one of the most beautiful states. Two fifth of its territories occupy the Rocky Mountains in which 55 tops have height more than 4200 meters, and the highest Mount Elbert rises to 4399 meters. And here we fly to admire mountains, as V. Vysotsky sang: Better than mountains there can be only mountains on which did not happen " yet;

Day the first, Monday, September 29. the distance in 876 miles (1410 km) overcomes the Plane from Houston to Denver for two with small hour. A departure at 6 - 20 in the morning, and in Denver, the capital of Colorado, taking into account time difference for an hour, we land in 7 - 40. Airport of Denver very comfortable, pure, spacious. A set of cafe in one of which we drank coffee as on the plane the breakfast was not. Having received baggage, approached information rack. There we were free of charge handed the big Denver guide and the detailed map of the city, explained how to reach by bus - shuttle (too it is free) to firm in which to us the car for rent is ordered. Registration and receiving the car took no more than 15 minutes. Here we were given still one map of Denver though we had already the listings of the main routes. And here we in a small car of the " brand; " KIA; (chose such, it is very economic) we go on the highway towards the city. The district here equal, and only in a distance we see silhouettes of mountains in a haze. To hotel in northern part of the city of 18 miles, in 25 minutes we, having overcome quite difficult road outcome, already on the place. Having checked in and having had breakfast, we decide to go to the parks, nearest to the city. At first in park and the intriguing name Spine of dinosaurs .

" park; Spine of dinosaurs - Dinosaur ridge Morrison (Morrison) is located approximately in 10 miles to the West from the Downtown of Denver or in 20 from our hotel on the highway No. 70, about the town. In Colorado there is one more huge park devoted to finds of bones and skeletons of dinosaurs (Dinosaur National Monument), but it on border with the State of Utah on extreme North - the West, more than in 300 miles from Denver. Same park small.

The parking at entrance is decorated with a silhouette of a dinosaur. There is a small information center, little shop with souvenirs and different snacks. Once, 100 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed here. Bones of the dead of animals became covered with dirt and sand, were saturated with silicon dioxide, as a result hardened and became similar to surrounding stones. About 70 million years ago active processes of shift of mountain layers therefore the part of rocks was developed, broke up began and bared inside layers, as allowed to see fossil bones.

The small bus is conducted by the fan - the guide who is carried away by geology. For three dollars it is lucky us uphill on one and a half miles, doing stops in interesting places and telling about numerous finds of fossilized remains of dinosaurs. There are a lot of school students, they are brought at excursion by school buses. From the upper bound of park we walk down, constantly doing pictures and admiring surrounding landscapes. Most of all admired prints of traces of dinosaurs which, naturally tint that they were more noticeable. Through rather narrow hollow for Spine of dinosaurs red rocks of a bizzare shape are visible. The guide says that it is one more park called Red rocks (Red Rock). To go there no more than 4 - x miles. And of course, we at once go there.

Red rocks delight! Here mountains are put by red sandstones which as a result of long processes of aeration got fancy outlines. On the road which curls between rocks in especially beautiful places, small platforms that it was possible to stop and do pictures are arranged. There are no guides, go. In some places of this park there are small lodges.

Perhaps, just there live people, and can for service personnel. Beauty is added by the various vegetation decked by paints of early fall. It is surprising how on rocks, practically without soil, pines, bushes and even small deciduous trees grow. Everywhere it is very pure, on all pass - parkovochka there are trash cans, and we never saw any rolling garbage anywhere. And what here delightful air! Also there is no exhausting heat, as in Houston. But, day came to the end, we were sated with impressions and decided to return to hotel.

Tomorrow we will continue our travel! About it in the following, second part.