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What the unusual museum in Dallas is famous for?

What there is a museum? The Establishment aiming at collecting, storage and an exposition of monuments of history and arts and also is natural - scientific collections and leading culturally - educational work. (Ushakov`s Dictionary). That is an institution highly cultured, educational where it is possible to see something unprecedented, to learn something unknown, to have a rest also with advantage time to carry out.

And what there is a cockroach? The Pryamokryly omnivorous insect doing harm in a household . (Ushakov`s dictionary). That is an insect opposite, vile, jumping on kitchen at night, existing anywhere and everywhere. It is considered that cockroaches will endure all of us that nuclear explosion that at some moment on Earth there will be only cockroaches and bugs will be it at all.

And here let`s combine vile with pleasant and we descend in the museum which is called Hall of glory of cockroaches also is in the suburb of Dallas.

To find this museum quite difficult as it is part of little shop in which means of fight against house and garden wreckers - cockroaches, ants, mice, rats and so forth are on sale. The owner of shop Michael gave to the quite usual and not glamourous business unexpected turn. In its shop 20 years just there is also a museum under the name Hall of glory of cockroaches .

In this museum it is possible to see cockroaches (dead) who are dressed up in various suits - for example, in a white fur palatine behind a grand piano. Or in Elvis Presley`s suit. Or in tiny gold shoes on each tiny leg...

In 1980 Michael (for the purpose of advertizing) declared hunting for the biggest cockroach of Dallas. The winner - a cockroach of 4 cm in size - still takes a place of honor in a frame on a wall. After this Michael invited to participate in national competition under the name - Who will best of all dress up a cockroach? . When competition ended, the discharged cockroaches were going to be thrown out, but the enterprising businessman decided to keep them - and so the museum began.

After a while Michael added to an exposition of dead cockroaches live copies - the whistling Madagascar cockroaches, of the size of a floor - palms. According to the owner, sviristelka eat only beer, bananas and a dog forage, and whistle a paunch when are angry. After their death (exclusively natural), Michael used corpses for decoration of the cowboy`s hat.

Except all above-mentioned, Michael treats the most brave with a special delicacy - dried cockroach larvae. It does to Hrustiki in two options - with taste of a barbecue and just salty. Children usually try an entertainment with great pleasure while adults convulsively look back in search of the secluded place - in case it is not possible to cope with nausea...