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How Americans prepared accident Pearl - Harbora?

Americans sincerely considered that their fighting ships located in harbor of the main base of fleet on the Pacific Ocean what since May, 1940 became Pearl - Harbor are in perfect security. You will not understand what at seamen was more - self-confidence or naivety? And, above all, they several times simulated such defeat of base which then Japanese arranged them.

Twice, in 1932 and 1937, the American fleet during doctrines fulfilled drawing sudden blow by aircraft carrier group on airfields on the island of Oahu, namely on this island of the Hawaiian archipelago and Pearl - Harbor is located. Both times the result turned out just stunning - airfields are crushed, by the opponent domination in air is won and the landing which took the main military facilities is almost without loss landed.

It would seem, it is worth pricking up the ears, suddenly and actually the opponent, but already real, will take the same step. But due conclusions were not drawn. And here the Japanese who attentively analysed everything documents on these doctrines which could only get drew a conclusion that exactly here and it is necessary to strike the first blow to military fleet of the USA.

Since russko - the Japanese war the fleet of the land of the rising sun did not know defeats. By the beginning 40 - x years it possessed essential superiority over the American fleet, had powerful aircraft carrier group and good deck aircraft which is considered reasonably as the best in the world for that period. However, and in Japan there were soberminded politicians who understood that with one blow with America not to cope, and in dragged-out war economic power of the USA will be a decisive factor. But military already drew on cards of an arrow, directed to Pearl - to Harbor and to listen some civilian of " pants; just did not want. And would cost.

Japanese prepared for attack carefully. Picked up the island reminding on outlines of Oahu and diligently trained pilots, trying to obtain amazing coherence and accuracy of actions. Prepared also midget submarines, though planned to assign them a supporting role. Seriously worked over bombs and torpedoes. Bombs had to punch armor decks, and torpedoes not to blow up from blow about a bottom in a small bay when dumping from planes.

As showed attack, Japanese could provide and count everything, except operation of submarines. But especially also did not count on them. And, above all - they provided complete secrecy of preparation of attack.

For what Americans hoped - it is impossible to understand. Amazing carelessness.

On December 6, 1941 the Japanese aircraft carrier group approached a point from which it was planned to strike blow. It was placed in 270 miles from Hawaii. Until on six aircraft carriers began preparation for a departure of 350 planes, the first late evening towards Pearl - Harbora submarines to which the task to get into base was set and to strike blow to the ships practically along with aircraft went.

In 6. The 30th mornings on December 7 Americans found and sank on approaches to Pearl - to Harbor the first boat, then two more. Even it would become clear to the person, ignorant of military science, that to base something happens on approaches. Before airstrike remained almost an hour and a half. There was time and for reduction of base in the increased combat readiness, and for giving of ammunition to tools, and for preparation of planes for departures, and for a call of the military personnel from the coast on the ships. Surprisingly, but even after detection by the radar approximately at 7 o`clock of the large group of planes going to the island considered that it are the In - 17 of California. There were also others amazing punctures including in due time made decoding of the intercepted Japanese message to which did not pay attention too.

In 7. 55 first group of the Japanese planes struck blow on Pearl - to Harbor in whom the real hell began. In 2001 in the USA the good movie " was shot; Pearl - Harbor in which with high degree of reliability those tragic events are shown.

The result is well-known: 8 battle ships, 6 cruisers, 6 destroyers, 272 planes were destroyed or seriously damaged, died or got wounds of nearly 3,5 thousand people. Japanese lost only 29 planes and 6 submarines. It seems that they also did not expect such success.

Americans could recover quickly from this defeat and in the summer of 1942 crushed large Japanese fleet at Midway Islands. The bowl of scales was inclined on their party, and defeat of Japanese at the sea became inevitable. The entry of the USSR in war with Japan in the fall of 1945 quickly led to completion of fights and on the land. War came to the end with signing of unconditional surrender by Japan.

And Pearl - Harbor remained in the history not only the first case of mass and extremely successful use of deck aircraft, but also the fact of the amazing carelessness which led to defeat large voyenno - sea base.