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How to stop zoobusinessmen ?

In the capital prosper business of beggars - swindlers of different colors. All new and new tricks are used, unusual ways and strategy of fishing of money at compassionate citizens are developed. In this article it would be desirable to touch on such issue about which very many do not know, do not pay attention to it and in general consider that even you should not speak about it because in this country and so is to all badly. It will be a question about zoobusiness where puppies and kittens and where animals abuse is available become means of a profit.

It is over, you saw them - grandmothers - God`s dandelions women of middle age, bums and just anyone - in transitions and at metro stations, stand on the central streets of the capital with bags or boxes, whether slightly up to the top the filled puppies and kittens. Algorithm simple: on a cardboard bit it is scratched: Help a house shelter Give on a forage to animals - and below makeweight : To Bor of kittens and puppies . And here your heart jammed with pity, the hand got into a pocket behind a trifle or chervonets

, it seems, everything is innocent. Stop! Think. These children no other than a bait, the tool in hands of unfair and cruel men. You do not think that money will really go to animals? Time to pass to berries came. And what actually? The session of exposure begins.

These, so-called, korobochnik bring together kittens and puppies, often deliberately putting them mutilations: put out eyes, cut off ears and tails, break paws to cause in you still big pity. Under a look benefactors stand in the subway and ask money. And the people give! Not the best human qualities - pity and unconscious desire to pay off as if from foreign sufferings, having given money and having calmed thus the soul, - come to light, on it and beggars play.

A further fate of animals - death. Naturally, at such people of due leaving and care they do not receive, as a rule, all children already with an infection, from food to them hardly that falls intermittently. Treatment of one such kitten or puppy even in usual veterinary clinic will manage in a large sum. And now reflect - whether will rescue your ten rubles of their life? No. And will not even feed. Will put your money to himself in a pocket of people (whether?) who calls himself fan of animals .

Therefore never give money to beggars with animals, as if it is a pity was the last. Business needs to be stopped. But it is almost impossible to make it if society remains indifferent to a cruelty problem in relation to animals and is just bezdeystvenny slave weight.

The only exit from this situation activists - zoodefenders see in acceptance the Act of the Russian Federation About protection of animals against ill treatment at the federal level. Society sew

as much want to be trusted, the civilized country has to support the humane initiative. Otherwise and there is a wish to state: You Run wild, Russia!

Animals Abuse is only the first experience for the same treatment of people (Ge. Bernardin).