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Why are so popular in America revolving rifles?

call Such rifles pistol revolving carbines for farmers and rifles for the ranch, though military modifications pistol rifles are widely used by special forces of very many countries of the world.

Feature at them one - the weapon is made in the form of the gun, and the pistol boss acts as ammunition of this gun .

The cut rifle under a pistol cartridge in due time, at a turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, made the real revolution in tactics field (and street too) fights, hunting and establishing order in rebellious times of the Wild West. It was the irreplaceable weapon for military, attendants of the law, farmers, cowboys, travelers and bandits of all colors. Though... why was ?

The first such rifle was made in " firm; Ripiting Armz Company`s Winchester also it is called Winchester model 1866 (that is sample of 1866). This model combined in itself range of the full-size gun and ammunition, universal with the revolver. Having passed running in during Civil war between the North and the South, Oliver Vinchester`s firm produced the new, modernized " model; Winchester model 1873 the unprecedented popularity which received at the end of the 19th century.

And what now, presently?

And that revolving rifles - one of the most popular types of the cut weapon in the United States. For what they are so loved by both farmers, and hunters, and military, and simply fans to do some shooting? Remarks (exact copies) Winchester model 1873 are issued several weapon firms and now.

1. the Most obvious advantage - the unified ammunition. The revolver and the gun are a weapon for absolutely different situations, and application of one ammunition significantly facilitated life to both the cowboy, and the farmer, and the traveler on distant travel. You buy a bag of cartridges of one look for all arsenal, and the head does not hurt!

2. the Pistol boss - cheap pleasure. Let`s compare two models: Winchester model 1873 under a revolving cartridge. 40 - 44, and Winchester model 1895 under a full-size rifle cartridge. 30 - 30. The difference in the price between them is more, than twice!

3. the Rifle under a pistol cartridge is much easier, than under rifle ammunition. And even in our modernized century often the hump should drag the gun on the. Or rather, on a shoulder.

4. Small return and small weight would give with other things being equal ó lshy accuracy of hits in the purpose.

5. When firing by a small charge of gunpowder forms less deposit and microdamages, therefore, such weapon demands less leaving and repair. And reliability is higher than it. Besides, with other things being equal.

6. For many fans such rifle - just part of internal furniture, an interior of the house and part of an output marching suit. Not incidentally one of rifles of " firm; Ruger (Ruger Mini 14/30) in brochures was called Ranch Rile (a rifle for the ranch) and gracefully hammered thought into the head that without it is that accessory the owner of the ranch well, just cannot manage in any way.

7. Besides, as such rifles are most often used for firing at rodents or jars, revolving rifles not only are more convenient for such firing, but also are safer. Speed pistol it is much less square-tipped bullet, than rifle that allows to avoid strong ricochet flying away when firing from small distances (10 - 15 m, on which usually and shoot on to jars or to small rodents).

8. the Rifle under a short pistol cartridge can be made very unusual design. Among revolving there are a lot of rifles various fancy fashionable and progressive forms.

9. And there is more to come advantages, only the most obvious.

Now such weapon is in the increased demand not only in both America, but also Europe, and in Asia, generally, everywhere, except Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union And why? But because laws such. Criminalistic requirements to certification of civil firearms at us directly forbid certification of the weapon under a pistol cartridge.

Now such rifles let out practically all weapon firms with a world name. And, despite any bans and restrictions, pacifistic and anti-weapon moods, are not going to reduce production, apparently.