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How much pound of knowledge at the English private schools?

It is no secret that the secondary education got in England widely opens gate in many well-known educational institutions, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. The English education is considered one of the most prestigious in the world and gives the happy permit in the subsequent life.

In Great Britain children go to school with 4 - x years and earlier, and with 5 - ti years compulsory education which is subdivided into four stages begins: the first stage is a preparatory education, the second - initial, the third - an average and the last stage - preuniversity education. Schools happen state and private, about the second and the speech in this article on the example of one of the most prestigious and expensive schools of Repton will go that is in 20 minutes of driving from the city of Burton - on - Trent.

Some buildings of a campus of school of Repton which function to this day are dated the 12th century. The school was located on several hectares of the earth, it has the pool, a tennis court, a football field and a helipad for children and their parents who arrive in school by the helicopters. Except the disco platform, the bar and the dining room at school there is a unique library with rare volumes some of which are printed in the 17th century. The reading room of library makes grandiose impression on unsophisticated old times of the visitor, on walls in a gilded framework portraits of all principals, on the center - a huge ancient fireplace.

At Repton`s school offsprings of politicians, bankers, variety stars, actors, businessmen, financiers and many eminent persons of the world were trained and are trained. Now in it 10 children from Russia study. The school has the strict discipline and the English culture which developed throughout many centuries.

But not all maintain an obedience impact. Speak, Boris Yeltsin`s grandson was trained at one of the English schools, but did not sustain severe discipline and returned back to Russia. Some Russian children who are trained at school are spoiled by easy money and a high position of parents, do not want to submit and obey teachers. One 12 - the summer boy at me and declared that teachers have to jump before him because his father can buy all school with giblets.

At Repton`s school there are strict rules to which one and all are obliged to submit. Teachers do not divide children into the rich and the poor though at this school exceptional children from average and poor families for which training pays the state are trained. For obtaining such privilege it is necessary to hand over special, but extremely difficult examination. If the child gets the highest points in all objects, then the state undertakes to pay all or partial cost of training. By the way, Boris Berezovsky used such situation, and his two daughters were trained at school at Cambridge for 50% of all cost of training.

In the territory of a campus there is no ballot box, but at the same time faultless purity and an order. It turns out how the principal considers, children should not have nothing superfluous that can be thrown out in a garbage can because at school it is impossible to smoke, chew elastic bands and even to drink Cola - Cola.

There is also other rule - it is forbidden to carry headdresses, backpacks and portfolios. After each lesson there is time to run home to the room and to take the necessary textbooks and notebooks. During change in the territory of school it is possible to see the hurrying, but not running pupils in strict black forms - suits at ties with books and notebooks an armpit. There is an impression that you are not in the territory of school, and in the enormous ministry teeming with bureaucrats.

All doors at school have coded locks, and after 22:30 they are automatically blocked, and nobody can leave the building without special permission. However, from houses officially it is impossible to leave after 18 hours because children have to perform homework, and teachers strictly monitor its execution.

To communicate among themselves girls and boys can only on changes, it is forbidden to hold hands, to nestle and visit each other bedrooms that there was no unnecessary temptation and a sexual inclination.

Girls are forbidden to use any cosmetics till 16 years and to carry costume jewelry if it is not family value. Use this exception of the girl with pleasure, assuring teachers that numerous rings on each hand just and are those values descended.

But as soon as to pupils passes in 16 years, some liberties are allowed them. The school uniform becomes optional, students have an opportunity to spend leisure-time at their own discretion, it is allowed to them... to drink beer, but limited quantity - two pints on the person, they can visit discos, flirt with girls and even to embrace.

Training cost at school Reptona is expensive. For a semester, and it is, as a rule, only 3 months, the parent will need to fork up on £ 6215 pounds of sterlinog for day training and on £ 8375 pounds sterling for board. And it is only a tuition fee which other numerous expenses did not enter, such as a school uniform, additional classes on English and music, visit of circles on interests, the health insurance, pocket money for the child, a meeting at the airport, a transfer, air tickets, accommodation in a family for the weekend, holidays and guardianship (without two last the child living on board without parents has no right to be in the country).

Here how much the pound of the English knowledge at private schools of Great Britain costs radetelny parents!