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Here long since there lived people. Here trade ways were crossed. Here in a mountain hollow at merge of two rivers dwellings grew. Here to death there were brave soldiers, protecting the family. Call this place of Slavsko.

Wheels knock. Shy sunshine hardly punch a drizzle veil. Directly behind a car window gloomy giants mountains rise. At last the train reduces speed. It is our stop. It is time to leave.

Slavsky`s history is connected with the Kiev prince Svyatopolk and goes to an extreme antiquity. The first written mention of the settlement is dated 1483. The natural arrangement of the Beskids ridges and Gorgan around the settlement created a unique microclimate with a large amount of snow rainfall in the winter.

Slavsky`s history as winter center of rest, began in the XVIII century. In 20 - 30 years of the 20th century mountain elevators and springboards were constructed. But special development of Slavskoye began to get in 1970 - 1980. On slopes of mountains over ten elevators were constructed. Until the end of 80 - x years of Slavskoye turned into the leading ski resort in the USSR. Here the annual championships and the international competitions were held.

During independence of Ukraine some more elevators and a large number of comfortable private hotels are constructed. In a year on official statistics to Slavskoye there came about 100 thousand tourists. According to independent experts - about one million.

We are met. The first impression, except for the fog throwing into a shiver, from local taxi. These are exclusively old kind UAZ. Call goats them on - simple in the people.

For some reason the old story which allegedly occurred about thirty years ago is at once remembered. Somehow, the army of one of the Scandinavian countries announced the tender for deliveries of cars for command structure. Sent production and Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to a competition. The answer was shocking. - Sorry, but we are forced to refuse. Our officers do not want to die before the soldiers.

As if there was not but many years these unpretentious cars truly serve the owners. Certainly, about even elementary comfort it is not necessary to speak. But there are indisputable advantages. On passability only the tank can argue with this work of automotive vehicles unless.

Almost at once the understanding of the choice of a similar vehicle comes. Roads on what we move, it is possible to call very conditionally. In my opinion, a little forgotten name a path approaches more. It is rumored that, it seems, this year roads have to repair. However only corridors along which they go bear responsibility for reliability of these rumors.

Does not pass also ten minutes as we drive up to a point of our placement. Arefyev` Estate strikes with the internal furniture. We did not see any identical interior. Each number differs from another. Also the walls covered with pictures were still remembered.

Oksana and Dmitry Arefyevykh`s family is deeply in love with art. And they live sincere desire to do more for enrichment of culture of the edge. Already for the third time to Slavskom there goes the international open-air of painting Maxims . By the way, word meaning open-air it is literally translated as work of the artist on air. This tradition put on coast of Seine was picked up now by inhabitants of Boykivshchina.

It is not surprising that in their house the idea of carrying out an open-air arose. To Arefyevy, big fans and judges of painting constantly there came their friends artists. And just during one of such house sit-round gathering according to the Lviv artist Orest Kosar the thought also ripened. However there passed more than seven years before it was succeeded to turn the desirable into reality.

Over thirty artists from different regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the United States gathered in the settlement of Slavskoye. The last year`s initiative of a married couple of Arefyev got mass support.

Russian Irina Anikina overcame more than three thousand kilometers to arrive from far Beloretsk. Her Belarusian colleague Victoria Grinevich comes to Prikarpatye already for the second time. Sergey Panov represents solar Moldova. Igor Filipiv is a messenger of the United States of America. And Yaroslav Tsiko - Moscow.

The geography of the country can be studied at the place of residence of the Ukrainian participants. Kharkiv and Hust, Poltava and Ilyichevsk, Zaporizhia and Uzhhorod, Donetsk and Odessa. Certainly capital and of course Lviv and area.

The open-air passes under patronage of the Lviv national academy of arts. And the Lviv artists Orest Kosar, Orest Manyuk and Victor Stognut already traditionally are responsible for the artistic concept of an open-air.

The collection of works which will be created after completion of work of an open-air will become notable addition to experience of the modern Ukrainian fine arts, and the hospitable farmstead of Arefyev will welcome further the guests with esthetically attractive plots of the pictures executed by talented creators.

By the way, within an open-air opening of the " exhibition took place; Mountains inspire . Tourists, admirers of arts and everyone have an opportunity to examine an exhibition of the works created by creators on polonina of Carpathians Mountains. Besides, visitors can not just examine pictures, but also communicate to their authors and even to get the pleasant works.

So, correctly say that the ski resort of Slavskoye znayemy and well-loved by many gradually turns into one of the centers of plein-air painting.