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As addressed with small screws ?

As were to small screws building bright future, it is possible to track on destinies of certain people. Expediency of party nonsense took away from them the right to live on the homeland, settled at discretion, distorted destinies, taking away health and lives is premature. Deceived small screws remained to live with the families in others republics, and on their homeland new diasporas appeared all with

Already in the evening of life Lyolya will be tormented by nostalgia, returning to pre-war Stalin Moscow, by that unforgettable time when poor boys and girls began to build new classless society under biting slogans of a way to socialism. By miracle having survived after civil war and incredibly difficult 20 - x, they entered new decade with huge thirst of knowledge and a labor of love.

Life half-starving, on purely symbolical grant forced young Muscovites to look for additional earnings. Will earn additionally also Lyol Kruglov. Occupations in geodetic technical school where she studied, were carried out in the evenings, and it was possible to work in some office in the afternoon. The brother Lyoli, Alexander working as the chief of the Art. Vladykino Moskovska of the District railroad will help it to get a job the clerk on Likhobora`s station, but itself will soon die in 36 years as a result of accident.

There will be a girl without support, but it will be inquisitive and very capable in the doctrine. She will continue work on transport, will finish perfectly well biennial courses of training of persons on duty on station and will be given assignment at the place of residence to Vladykino`s station. To it will sew free of charge by the size regimentals (a suit and an overcoat) that will become a subject of envy of youth in Likhoborakh and Vladykino. Boys adored the pretty girl playing with them in soccer and at the same time such purposeful

Small, fine in the accurate suit, with a radiant look of big gray eyes, Lyolya will become a love subject for many young men in Vladykino. For admirers she was a symbol of modern times, and they, hoping secretly for reciprocal feeling, met her by crowd after work, gave flowers. Selflessly Lyolya worked - the Moscow channel - Volga was under construction at this time, and through Vladykino`s station construction materials with further transfer on the Savyolovsky line on the station of Beskudnikovo went a continuous stream. The diligent person on duty was noticed soon and directed to advanced training courses.

After the successful end and delivery of all examinations perfectly well Lyolya will be appointed the deputy chief of Lefortovo station. It was then 23 years. It looked very young, but a name of the girl as competent expert, already rattled on all road. Lyolya will be invited to a position of the assistant to the person on duty in management of Moskovska of Okruzhnaya Road, and here she will get acquainted with future husband. As the chief of the road Z. P. Troitskaya, in the past the first woman - the driver worked at this time, she also will appoint Lyolya the chief of St. White stone where once the girl began the career by the person on duty on station and where her brother Alexander died.

There was in the Lyoliny vital sky then no cloudlet but only love yes interesting work. Unless she could expect, having married darling what in only one and a half years she should leave the hometown forever? Accident will define future of newlyweds and will throw in one of the Baltic republics attached to the USSR in 1940. Both of them will be included in lists of the experts recalled on restoration of the railroads in the new republics. They should hand over, just received, the apartment and to go to the city of Vilnius - then it was called Vilno .

Small party small screws went to Lithuania with hope to quickly restore work on the railroad and to return to the hometown - in Moscow there were their relatives, friends pressing soul of reminiscence. But big party small screws, laughing in soul at naive youth, knew that it goes until the end of the life, and contracts under which have to provide them upon return housing and restore a registration - fiction.

Three weeks later after arrival of newlyweds to Lithuania the Great Patriotic War will begin, and will be small screws to save the lives, but will not be able to save the firstborn - the splinter of the become torn bomb fatally will wound the kid in a temple. They will return to severe military Moscow, but there was very hungry, and Lyolya should come after the delivery daughters to work as the deputy chief of Rostokino station. At the end of war the little woman hoped that it, pregnant, will leave in Moscow, very much hoped

But who then was considered with small small screws great party? As soon as Vilnius is freed, them will force to return to Lithuania. And pregnant Lyolya with two babies on hands will go to others, unfriendly city. Also wearisome labor everyday life will begin for them: she is a train dispatcher, he is a driver at night and the chief of supply of the road in day. In 1945 they will be rescued only by a case - the bomb will get to the empty apartment.

In 1962. The Lithuanian railroad will be disbanded, uniting with Latvian and Estonian, and forty-eight-year-old Elena Nikitichna Kruglova will go to Moscow to try to obtain justice, having taken with herself the awards and documents for sending. It will go on offices of the Soviet vessels and ministries, demanding to provide it, the radical Muscovite, an opportunity to return home according to the contract of sending. In reply to it will laugh in a face and to explain that now the policy of the party is directed to attraction to Moscow of national shots from federal republics...

It will return to Lithuania to live the remained days near same as it, the experts who are thrown out on a roadside of foreign national states. Small party small screws will not wait in the remained life of gratitude and justice for the hard work. They will die in the foreign land, and graves will not be ashamed to profane them, ranking as hated invaders. Unless Machiavelli was not right, claiming that the worst slavery is imposed by oppression of the state: in - the first, it is stronger than everything and all allows hopes for disposal less; in - the second, the state always tries to weaken and undermine any activity of society that most to tower . Take care! You remember how lived, suffering from disrespect, our ancestors.