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How to choose spirits according to image?

Coco Chanel called spirits that accessory which lets know about appearance of the woman and continues to remind of her when it left. Spirits allow the woman to express the identity, character and mood therefore it is so important not to be mistaken with the choice of this invisible weapon. The perfume aroma of the beloved remains in memory of the man for a long time. Years later he will not remember in what his darling was dressed, but aroma of her spirits will remain in his memory for a long time - most likely, forever.

Not for nothing French say that began to smell, the underwear and footwear are the most important elements creating an image of the woman. It is not necessary to save on spirits is the first rule of the real woman. The second rule says that you should not trifle of a choice of perfume. The data provided in article will help to make a right choice of aroma.

Smells on the earth an infinite set! Both pleasant, and unpleasant. Those aromas with which perfumers work are divided into several types:

- fresh aromas are a smell of clean air, a new-mown grass and morning dew;

- fruit aromas remind taste and a smell of fragrant wild strawberry, a juicy peach, the fresh and invigorating lemon, etc.;

- flower aromas are bouquets of garden plants and a smell of the blossoming meadow;

- amber aromas (them still call east) - tart, sweet and temperamental;

- spicy aromas are a smell of the spices exciting and invigorating;

- chypre aromas remind of Mocha, the wood, trees and flowers;

- the wood aromas which are used more often in man`s perfumery are a tart, but natural smell of a tree of noble breeds.

How not to get lost in this variety of aromas and to choose what corresponds to an image? It is considered that sensual brunettes suit bright, sweet aromas more, but not slishkomterpky. Fair-haired women with opaque skin will suit graceful flower aromas. Blondes with light skin should give preference to spirits with fresh and fruit notes. Tart east spirits ideally will emphasize an image of the bright brown-haired woman.

However tsvetotip women should not be the only condition - it is necessary to consider also features of its style and character. The brunette can be gentle and romantic, and the blonde easy and air by sight - strong and even imperious. Not all brunettes will be is ideally suited by sweet, spicy aromas: young and naughty it is better to give preference to fresh aromas, and gentle and romantic to choose spirits with flower aromas. Character of the strong blonde, stylish and self-assured, chypre or even wood aromas will emphasize.

In general the rule of the choice of perfume can be formulated so - to strong, haughty and ambitious women, irrespective of a hair color, the bright and memorable aromas similar to man`s will approach. To erotic hot beauties - tart east, and romantic and gentle - fresh, flower and fruit.

Spirits are considered to be as the female weapon able to kill men on the spot. If the woman is faced by the purpose to fascinate the man, she needs to know about some secrets. Jean - Paul Guerlen told: I am sure that if the man fell in love with the woman, her choice of perfume was successful . The man is visual not only as it is considered to be. He is unusually concerned by Scent of a Woman. Certainly, the man is excited most of all by a natural female smell, but the perfume aroma supplements these feelings.

The stronger sex, as a rule, does not like pungent smells - they are concerned much more by hardly noticeable aromas. What of them most attract men? Fruit perfume stimulates at the man appetite - and not only to food. Most of all strawberry and apple aromas possess such action. Aroma ilang - an ilanga, according to experts, can cause in the man passionate desire, i.e. spirits with notes ilang - an ilanga are some kind of aphrodisiac.

Practically any man will not be left indifferent by aroma of vanilla. The most pleasant here the fact that the woman who smells of vanilla seems to the man more young than the years. Aromas of a coco and chocolate can have the same effect. However perfume with notes of vanilla, a coco and chocolate is good for involvement of the man, but when business reaches a bedroom, it is better to refuse them, having given preference to aromas of ginger, an eucalyptus, patchoulis.

Aroma of a jasmine reminds men natural Scent of a Woman. Experts in the field of perfumery claim that even the plain woman smelling of a jasmine will seem to the man attractive. By the way, the numerous researches conducted with the purpose to find out, than, according to the man the woman has to smell, showed that the real woman smells of pie, something sweet, roses, heat and a cosiness. It is good that not borsch!

Having been defined what type of aromas you will ask in perfumery shop, do not forget before going there, to arm with several more useful tips. Do not try more than three aromas for once - you will not be able to distinguish their shades. Choosing spirits, you apply them on the skin - only this way you will be able to understand their true character. It is the best of all to apply a few spirits on skin and to leave shop. During the day aroma will change, and you already precisely will know - yours it is spirits or not. An important point - you should not choose spirits in critical days as sense of smell during this period changes.

And one more council: having chosen a certain aroma, try to use other cosmetics with aromas of the same series - do not allow a dissonance. If spirits have aroma of vanilla, then let vanilla be present also at shampoo, shower gel, a deodorant.

One Frenchman told: Spirits are that point over i for the well-groomed, elegant woman . The perfume choice - business responsible and difficult. As men - them it is possible to choose spirits long and carefully, and it is possible just to fall in love! If so occurred - that is your spirits!