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Why Peru - the most unusual country in the world?

Somehow my teacher on English very much was surprised when she learned about my dream to visit Peru. She really believed that there except the well-known dry Nazca desert where at all from the sun the head breaks up, nothing and is present curious and fascinating.

But, having heard such words as the condor, Machu - Pikchu, Urubamba, Titikak, Scribblers and Trujillo, she not only changed countenance, and even forgot to conduct a lesson, listening to my story about dream which name - Peru.

You want to learn about miracles of the beautiful country in South America? Then travel virtually, and I will be your guide. This travel has a huge advantage - you should not make out the visa and to do hepatitis and yellow fever inoculations! Just read further and be surprised!

We will begin travel with the most known and unusual place - the huge Nazca desert. All and almost know everything about it, but nevertheless it does not cease to surprise. Already 2000 it stores as the biggest in the world the art museum, images of animals and birds who exceed the sizes all works of art existing in the world. Some lines leave on 50 km!

Near zoo Nask there is Lake Titicaca - the biggest mountainous (4100 m above sea level) the lake in the world. More than one thousand people live on the islands of Lake Titicaca. But also the people, and islands there unusual - descendants of Inca to Ur build the houses on islands which build too!

They from reed - totor, of it there are done by all that the soul will wish: furniture and clothes, hats and bags, curtains and toys, even the food is connected with magic reed. Do to Ur boats by which go to swimming for fish, from reed so without it life would be inconceivable on the bank of Lake Titicaca.

And so quite decent edge for life - water strikes with the tranquility, is transparent in the morning as the sky at dawn, and at sunset - crimson.

According to the legend, at its bottom of the lake Inca hid a huge gold chain. It gleams when the sun shines at midday therefore in the afternoon the lake of yellow color.

generally, it not the lake, but chameleon!

It is possible to tell about gold of Inca long is a separate history therefore we also will go to the Museum of Gold in Lima. It strikes with two things: huge quantity of various gold, silver jewelry, products from jewels, ceramics, textiles; and the fact that all this wealth is collected by private collectors, actually, one family clan and is in their property.

We can really find the real gold of Inca which rich gold diggers did not appropriate yet in Machu - Pikchu. Yes, the view of this ancient city so takes that at once begins to seem that it costs all treasures and all gold of the planet! And all gold was taken out from there still by Hiram Bingem, at once after his opening in 1911. Now all 3 thousand gold products of the Incan civilization are stored in the museum of Yale university. But the city will bring many riches, every day the increasing number of people are eager to investigate the territory of the Old mountain (the name is so translated), feeling like the fantastic hero who appeared in the Wonderland.

From all cities built by Inca, Machu - Pikchu - one of the most beautiful. It is entirely constructed of local granite. Temples, houses and palaces are surrounded with steps of agricultural terraces. Structures as castles in the air from pink dreams where everything is possible look. There are really royal constructions, for example, the complex of premises which is allocated with grace received the name " there; Imperial group . Its stone architecture is especially refined, and indoors which allegedly served as a bedroom, there is flowing water!

Machu - Pikchu can call safely eighth wonder of the world having especially seen construction under Kilyapat`s name which in translation from language of Inca sounds very beautifully - higher than the Moon. It is so unusual - 70 terraces go down from its top to the earth, terraces are majestic, and here appointment them is so ordinary - they were used for cultivation of vegetables, in particular, of potato! They are united among themselves by steps and framed with galleries and drainage channels. And besides, it is so high that there it is possible to rise safely to make out in the sky of the condor.

But if you do not want to rise highly - it does not matter, you can see the condor even if he will highly turn over the head - because this bird the size from an ostrich, and scope of her wings reaches 3,5 meters. Yes - she swings wings, that is flies! And this weighing 12 kilograms! But there is several other problem - do not mix the handsome with plane!

Generally, everything looks here, dreamily: what surprises and haunts, at the end it appears full absurdity.

Listen attentively to the name of the river - Urubamba. It is the small rivulet, but rough and same humming as its name.

And in general in spite of the fact that all names sound in a complicated manner, they have simple values. For example, the name of the country happened from the river to the Feast that in language of local Indians means river - all inconceivable is ingenious!