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How to support an exotic animal in house conditions? Salamander. Cultivation of

to Create conditions in which the salamander would feel comfortable, simply. And if to add on here both peaceful temper, and beautiful appearance of a small lizard, then all this does her by the desired inhabitant of house nature corners.

The terrarium of horizontal type issued under a corner of the damp wood is necessary for for the maintenance of couple of adult salamanders . At good leaving and favorable psychological climate in your house small lizards will begin to live in clover and even will begin to reflect about posterity.

These Amphibia reach Polovozrelosti at the age of 2 - 4 years with a length of body about 12 - 14 cm In the nature pairing of salamanders happens after wintering . Therefore in the conditions of bondage Amphibia also should create artificial wintering . For this purpose within one month it is necessary to make a temperature and light diapauza with cooling to 12 - 14 degrees Celsius (on some sources - to 5 º ).

In the period of a winter pause which can proceed in the same terrarium in which salamanders live in it it is necessary to make more hiding places for shelter . During this period of animals do not feed. An exit from wintering falls on April - May, and soon after awakening animals start pairing.

The female does not lay some eggs as the majority of Amphibia, and gives birth almost ready larvae , letting out them in water. The term of incubation of larvae - 9 - 10 months. Usually is born 25 - 30 (sometimes even to 40) larvae 2,5 - 3,5 cm long with well developed extremities, gills, plavnikovy folds and a steering tail. It is interesting that at childbirth the small lizard immerses only back part of a trunk in water.

Larvae for full development it is necessary to place in a separate aquarium with an exit to the land and to feed with a live forage - the water flea, a Cyclops, koretry, etc. Both the parental pool, and a molodnyakovy aquarium have to be equipped with the filter, thermometers and the aerator (spray). And as parental house and the molodnyakovy aquarium should be covered with as and to grind, and adult animals sometimes are capable to get out on a joint of glasses.

In 3 - 5 months 5 - ti centimetric cubs of a salamander get out on the coast where begin active development of adulthood. The young salamanders who passed all metamorphoses and finished larval development (length of 6 - 7 cm) can be landed in a terrarium for young growth and to feed as adults, small insects. But at the beginning nevertheless still it is possible to give some time to them baby food - the crank which is laid out on a moss or a koretra.

The fact that after work with these animals (after took them in hands or fed) it is necessary to wash hands with soap, I already wrote, but nevertheless it is useful to mention it once again. Especially warn about it children! And do not rub " at all; dirty eye hands, do not undertake the person, avoid hit of a secret of glands of a salamander on mucous membranes, scratches and other injuries of skin. By the way, the fact that poison of a salamander (this secret which is developed glands located on the head behind eyes), contains substances, anywhere any more in the nature not meeting is interesting.

For a salamander it besides protection against enemies carries out also function of strong bactericidal means, preventing development of skin infections. Poison is not dangerous to the person, and - is dangerous to dogs! But I already wrote about it in the previous article. If to observe all precautionary measures, then to watch habits of this interesting, peculiar and in general a benevolent animal - it is a pleasure.

And if you, our dear readers, decide to get this amphibious at home, then I wish you only pleasant communication and full mutual understanding with your pet!