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Lev Gumilyov Great Roman Empire USSR and China?

Appear the theory of a passionarity created by Lev Gumilyov the son of the glorified poet Nikolay Gumilyov and the great poetess Anna Akhmatova can explain at first sight so different things as China, the USSR, and the Great Roman Empire.

Can explain their existence, development, falling.

Why falls once powerful state. It lost the charge of energy, the passionarity and it falls.

So happened and with the Great Roman Empire, so happened also to the USSR.

They lost the passionarity and fell.

Fell as empires.

Rome was taken by dissonant crowd is ready, lead by their leader Allarikh.

was necessary For fall of the USSR the Reorganization intensifying the processes happening in the Socialist Empire. Figuratively speaking Gorbachev uncovered a political copper. The end of reorganization is a signing of the notorious Belovezhsky Contract.

From this point the USSR disappears as the political player from the world map and the Union of the States is formed. Russia, Kazakhstan etc.

Falling of the Great Socialist Empire was predetermined by process of the Socialist Empire.

In its Stories can track clearly the Cycle about which Toynbee, Gumilyov speaks.

1917. Beginning of a cycle.

the Enthusiasm of a people at large caused by revolution skillfully warmed up by Bolsheviks. At this time Russia and the countries with it adjoining presented to

one huge passional cell. No matter, that one Super activists were loaded with a sign + Super activists of the future, Super activists trusting in Socialist Russia, building it. And Super activists with a sign - the Super activists Proshlogo calling Russia back in the Past. It is possible to refer the White Movement to them, Green, etc.

Energy of masses is realized into affairs. Of

of the maximum it reaches Turksib, Dneproges etc. in days of the Great Patriotic War. Top peak of the Sinusoid.

This peak covers time of death of Stalin, creation of SEV.

Passional energy of the Socialist Empire a kernel which the USSR is at this time is maximum.

But since the beginning 60 - x when Khrushchev came to the power passional energy of the Socialist Empire begins to umenshatsya.

It already is on recession. (Solidarity) in Czechoslovakia etc. of

of the USSR as the kernel of the Socialist Empire still sticks to Protseesa in Poland, but passions boil also in it.

Dispersal of an exhibition by Khrushchev on the Arena, Dispatch of dissindent by Brezhnev (Zinovyeva, Solzhenitsyn etc.) .

Socialist idea, socialism ideals are not a driving force in the USSR any more. It is necessary to update idea of construction of socialism that the countries which are a part of the Socialist Empire received a new passional push, new energy for the development.

Understanding of it occurs in the USSR in 80 - e years. Gorbachev`s reorganization and its natural final with restoration of capitalism. Passional energy of Socialism in the USSR and the countries of Europe is settled. Lower point of a sinosoida.

Not that occurs in the countries of Asia, is concrete in China.

Passional energy of socialism, socialist idea in China, just gains steam.

China, apprehended Marxism not as dogma and as the guide to action. It creatively, let this word is jammed and vulgarly approached realization of socialist

idea and chose a socialist way of development as the only way.

the Chinese socialist economy mnogoukladno, ruling party in China is KKP, around it as planets around the Sun rotate eight batches of satellites.

I results is available. The average level of life of the Chinese makes 70 - 72 years whereas in Russia the average level of life of the Russian makes 56 - 60 years. Passional energy of socialism sputtered out

in the countries of Europe and USSR and passed into Asia.