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Whom Maxim Gorky removed in Klim Samgin`s Lives as fat poet ?

Today`s release Anthologies of domestic poetry it will be devoted to the poet who had very difficult and in something a mystical destiny. He lived as much years how many our great genius - Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. But remained in the history practically only one song. And that it for many years was considered national, and the authorship was restored many years later after its writing.

This young man was called Alexander too, he was born on March 13, 1883, 125 years ago, in Kolomna. Life did not leave us many details about his parents, but if it is absolutely precisely known that his father was called Stepan Roslavlev, then I did not manage to find a name of mother.

Since the childhood the destiny did not indulge future poet (however, as well as its great the namesake, he wrote also prose). It is enough to tell that in the fourth class Sasha with a crash was expelled from the Kolomna gymnasium with a verdict: for inability . The father did not take out such shame and got poisoned. Mother, having been left without husband, went crazy, it was placed in lunatic asylum and in the same year died with

of Parents the street replaced

So, within only a few months, Sasha remained orphan. The street brought up it, he was fed too from the fact that he earned right there. As paradoxically sounds, but Sasha found work in the Kolomna territorial justice moreover and the clerk. Having worked slightly less than a year, he decides to move to Moscow.

In the capital nobody waits for it. It is beaten to gang same as he homeless children, often spends the night under the open sky, in the winter - in doss houses, among the brotherhood has a reputation for the philosopher and the dreamer that does not prevent it to trade on a market in matches and happiness tickets . It when the person develops a piece of paper and learns that the destiny prepared for him Friends advise

to it to address in some of newspapers to attach the verses which at Sasha are saved day by day. When to it it was executed 18, it was solved, and soon the first poem of the young poet - " is published in the newspaper; Organ-grinder

... Why with you, a smutyanka,

Communicated accidentally? Play

, play, a street organ,

Live read the burial service...;
Verses of the tramp and tramp seemed

to writers fresh, not hackneyed, that is why enough willingly publish it. He was a black sheep among poets - noblemen, and already it summoned a keen interest. In a short space of time it becomes recognizable. Leonid Andreyev, Alexander Bunin become his close acquaintances, several times at literary soirees he communicates with Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky.

The last is so inspired by the poet from bottoms that he brings him in image fat poet in the novel Klim Samgin`s Life and even several times quotes its verses

Nikolai Gumiljow responded To the first poetic collection of Roslavlev, having praised the spokesman of opinion of the majority Chukovsky who did not hide the truth about Roslavlev`s poetry: it is also unreliable, as well as opinion of the crowd which is got drunk by the victories

B 1907, 24 - summer Alexander agreed with editorial office of the " magazine; Awakening about what will send the New Year`s verses .

Over horses yes over fast

Month ptitseyu flies,

I silver sparks

the Field equal shines.

More cheerfully, my jingles,

Jellied voices!

Oh you, daring valiant,

Oh you, maiden beauty!

Manes kudryavitsya by hoarfrost,

Snows slightly a snowball the person. Leave to meet

, the beauty,

Mila of the friend on a porch.

Lay down, a dorozhenka, daring,

Through all - that this world.

You curl, a blizzard crazy,

Cover up for us a track.

We were brought together not by(with) the speech roundabout,

the Woman`s scent yes a woman`s eye:

our matchmaker - will the manumission,

Will marry month us.

Eyes clear will look in heart -

Will begin to spin the head.

From the darling life that the sun red,

A without darling tryn - a grass.

As if feel -

Horses - my falcons got furious.

In hot heart of the river were opened with

I nightingales started singing.

More cheerfully, more amicably, jingles,

Jellied voices!

Oh you, daring valiant,

Oh you, maiden beauty!

Verses very much were pleasant to readers, but the destiny sometimes plays a mean joke with poets. Music to these words was written more than 20 years later by the Ural schoolgirl Elizabeth Gorina, and the first line of the poem lost horses also sounded so:

Over fields and over pure

Month ptitseyu flies,

I silver sparks

the Field equal shines!
it did not kick

unless only lazy

But we will return to the beginning of the century. Roslavlev who became unexpectedly well-known was printed willingly, he managed to let out the 14th poetic the collection. But Nikolai Gumiljow`s tone sharply changes. If earlier he only looked narrowly at the fellow writer, then later three - four years, do not leave on his poetry of a stone on a stone.

Alexander Roslavlev ceased to be considered in the ranks of poets long ago. Years six - seven were assigned to it which ago - what hopes, thought that, having passed the apprenticeship period, it will find itself(himself). But soon it became clear that, this apprenticeship was only rough and confused grab of others receptions, subjects, thoughts, experiences. Also the situation and is now. New books of Alexander Roslavlev, without having freshness of the beginning, frighten by the poeziyepodobnost . Tsevnitsa differs only in the fact that in it there are more bad poems .

But similar estimates did not confuse Alexander Stepanovich at all. He continues to consider himself as the poet though with grief notices that more and more parodies to its verses are published in newspapers. But, of course, very venomous Alexander Ivanov as half a century later, in literature of that time was not

For example, Roslavlev wrote such lines to the teacher by which considered Valery Bryusov:

The teacher, revelation

the Arrow fiery stuck into heart

A the parodist S. Gorny who with special attention traced Alexander`s collections, right there turned it into other two lines:

On me marks of the blows

were Left by a bryusovsky heel

is not known for what Gorny went for Roslavlev, but he to it could not forget Bryusov for a long time.

Other paints zaryabit...

At windows, in pools light shivers.

Hooting, cars scurry about,

I is ringing measured knock of hoofs

It from the poem And. Roslavlev Spring . And here S. Gorny`s parody.

And your beeps, the car hung in accurate mid-air


On a tower bryusovsky thoughts

Buried a sharp spike in the sky...
Needs to explain

that In a tower the collection was called,

released Roslavlev in a year of writing of the well-known poem In revolution steeped

Fat poet with great feeling apprehended a message about a victory of the proletariat in a socialist revolution. Practically at once it accepts Anatoly Vasilyevich Lunacharsky`s proposal to come to work to a national commissariat of education. And though up to Demyan Bedny Roslavlevu`s the heights was not to rise, but the contribution to business of propaganda for the Soviet power and a dethronement old world it brought. Especially after in 1919 entered Bolshevik party. As the correspondent of the central newspapers Roslavlev goes to fronts of civil war. Brightly and with emotion tells in sketches and correspondence about situation in Red Army, about fights with White Guards.

However, we never learn, Roslavlev wonderfully well " could threaten; William of our Shakespeare or at least vivacity and Isaak Bebel or Artem Vesely`s truthfulness. In 1920 Alexander appears in Kuban, in Novorossiysk. He became one of organizers of Novorossiysk theater of political satire and wrote for it the satirical play Tsar Obalduy . Here only could not enjoy sweet burden of glory, alas.

Fall of 1920 Roslavlev was translated in the released Ekaterinodar (Krasnodar). Having hardly arrived, he managed to catch typhus. On November 10 the same year of the poet, the writer and the playwright died

I only in 8 years, in 1928 Elizabeth Gorina inhaled new life in the song Over fields yes over pure . In my opinion in the Soviet years there would be no day that this song was not broadcast or to television. Roslavlev would be living, he, undoubtedly, was consoled