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How to dispose of a maternity capital? Part 2

As it was already told earlier, means of a maternity capital can be spent in three directions. Namely:

1. Improvement of living conditions. you can specify

In the statement for the order that you want to direct a maternity capital or its part to acquisition (construction) of premises. It is carried out by means of commission of any, the transactions which are not contradicting the law and participation in obligations (including participation in housing, zhilishchno - construction and housing accumulative cooperatives), by non-cash transfer of the specified means of the organization which is carrying out alienation (construction) of the acquired premises (under construction). Also money can be transferred to the natural person who is carrying out alienation of the acquired premises, or the organization (including credit, provided according to the credit agreement (loan agreement) money on the specified purposes).

Pay attention that the maternity capital can be spent only for housing in the Russian Federation. It will be registered under the general ownership of parents, all children and other family members who are in common living with them with determination of the size of shares under the agreement.

2. Education by child(children).

the Maternity capital can be spent for education of the child in any educational institution in the territory of the Russian Federation having the right for rendering the corresponding educational services (the public and municipal educational institutions, and also the non-state educational institutions which obtained the corresponding license in accordance with the established procedure and having the state accreditation).

Funds of a maternity capital can be allocated for education both own child(children) and adopted including the first, second, third child and (or) the subsequent children. The child for whose training will pay with means of a maternity capital has to be not more senior than 25 years at the time of the beginning of training.

3. Formation of a funded part of work pension for the women who gave rise (adopted) the second (the third and the subsequent) children after January 1, 2007.

Pay attention: if the woman decided to use the capital on formation of a funded part of work pension, then she can refuse about day of purpose of a funded part use of money in the specified direction. It is possible in case of the redirection them or on acquisition of housing, or on payment of education of the child. The woman will have to write the declaration of abandonment of the direction of funds of a maternity capital for formation of a funded part of work pension and to give it to the terms similar to terms of the application for use of a maternity capital.

The order can be carried out by means of the maternity (family) capital at the same time in several directions established by the specified Law.

Some citizens are mistaken, considering that means of a maternity capital will be paid every time at the birth of the second, third and subsequent children. It`s not true. The maternity capital is paid only once. For example, if during the period from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2016 (the law is applied to the legal relationship which arose during this period) you gave rise twins, then the certificate will be issued only on one of children. Words that the maternity capital is provided on the second and the subsequent children it is not necessary to understand so that on all children, since the second, mother will receive 250 thousand rubles. Just if the family till 2007 already, let us assume, had children, then such family will receive a maternity capital on the third. The main thing that it was not the first child.

Anyway, it is necessary to approach thoroughly a question of the choice of the direction for the order a maternity capital. Making the decision, think of what is important for your children. Means of a maternity capital are not capable to provide in full the comfortable future to our children, but in case of the competent order with this sum, you have an opportunity to give to children quite good start in adulthood.

Successful to you investments!