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How the man if he likes the woman behaves?

If someone is pleasant to us, we always try to learn, our feelings are how mutual. The best way to learn it (of course if you do not venture to ask directly) - simply to observe the person. Already it was much written about body language, however I will dare to offer one more article.

So signs that the man is interested by you (if you the woman).

Look . Attentively look narrowly at his eyes. Its pupils are expanded? If yes, that good luck on your party! The pupils, the better are wider. The stare adds chances. Now depart far away. If you to it are not indifferent, he will consider all body, but at the same time to try that you did not catch his eye.

Head . The interested person will incline the head to the right or to the left. If he inclined the head, means is ready to listen to you, and with a great interest. Will nod Besides, in agreement with what hears.

Smile . Psychologists claim that it will be wide even if usually the man behaves frostily.

of the Lip . He constantly bites them, tries to humidify them, plays language or lips. Can tap on them with a finger (but without covering with a palm of companies). It gives an erotic mood of both the man, and the woman. Check!

Stroking . A good sign - stroking of eyebrows and hair. But if it began to rub a chin - things look bad.

Speech . He begins to speak quicker and quicker. Offers short and accurate. At first it is a confusion sign, subsequently - attempt to fascinate you by words.

Body . The man will try to keep as it is possible closer to you. Also it will do it by slow steps. Hands will rub a throat, to finger a tie or a collar. Will try to touch you though it is more characteristic of women.

Imitation . You take a glass in a hand - it too, stroke hair - it copies, and unconsciously. It is very amusing to watch all this from outside.

If you try to find where to sit down, and around there are also other people, then it will find for you such place that in the field of your sight got to as little as possible people, and only it had access to your place. In other words, will put you in a far corner.

Confusion . An everyday occurrence for lovers. It is usually shown in a temple pochesyvaniye.

In the public place you see it, he violently and cheerfully discusses something with someone, at the same time glancing at you. After that passes by you, without looking in eyes.

is More inherent in women. At the sight of the interesting person tries to stir up hair as it is possible stronger.

If you like to watch advertizing, observe. Use the listed ways to draw attention of the viewer. The person instinctively reacts to manifestation of interest in it.

Finally I will tell how to define that the man (and not only) tells to a lie :

Touches span at conversation by mouth hands.

his look wanders or will just overcome down.

For a moment shifts eyebrows (here it is necessary to be attentive since it occurs very quickly). Not to confuse to a sign, absolutely opposite on value, - when the man, having just seen you, raises eyebrows, he very much is even glad you to see.

Good luck to you in love affairs.