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Children, I believe that already nobody doubts that after combinations men with the person shitty, and, especially, - a rubbishy warehouse, the relation between them sharply change, and, - not to the best.

As fluffy (as a rule, - only in appearance) at once seeks to take reins of government, to fool and to appropriate ... beloved and, naturally, - a family begins to be in a fever,

So do all (idiots) and on it trained it - her mummy and girlfriends.

After combinations on the husband the real swagger - a major pours, on it begin to shout, demand, to carp, humiliate, call... to arrange checks, developing attack prevention of the relations scenes, hysterics... attacks

And not only because of greed, unsociability... breast-bands under a tail sorry... moods but the most terrible that scandals, often, are provoked purposely only engender gloating which, by the way, on an equal basis with vanity - is the most desired and favourite emotion of effeminate beings with shitty, and, especially, - rubbishy character.

As a rule, all this those house preparations, which fluffy began to master from a school bench and... looked forward to that moment when is able... in practice to apply the... art and in fact - suchyyu the power over... beloved .

is shorter, - after combinations it belongs to to beloved ... an izbrannichka, as to own thing, i.e. it is much worse, than to any domestic creature.

By the principle - loves - let suffers freak.

And so, Children to minimize negative attacks from a shitty or rubbishy being and to create prerequisites for the equal friendly relations in a family, - in my opinion, would not be harmful to adhere to the following recommendations at the introduction of century. combination with a shitty or rubbishy individual.

And, consider, - I do not teach you to live, and I share, the reasons checked in practice on this subject, and I believe that you will have enough mind to understand - how exactly to use this information.


Without consent of the parties is impossible their cooperation.

coordination Process will is also

the conclusion of the contract.

Bases of the marriage Contract

We are High contracting parties, entering into Marriage Alliance, in senses and a sober state, voluntarily and without coercion, - we agree as follows:

1. we quite adult and independent - treat with deep respect to each other and, naturally, - we honor the Family Code, is equal as Civil and Criminal,

2. we meet in common to build our general Happiness and Happiness of our future children - on the basis of friendship and respect for all members of our family,

3. we completely trust each other and in the relations we proceed from the principle - we are free people (partners) and nobody should not nothing to anybody and is not obliged - except as according to the Contract and the Law,

4. we do not bring up each other - we accept the partner it what he is, or - we do not accept... with following,

5. we undertake not to press and not to apply under no circumstances violence to each other, somehow: shout, reproaches, persistent requests, obidka, slezk, threats, insults, cavils scenes, hysterics, attacks,

6. the spouse has the right not to answer or even temporarily to stop communication with other spouse - in the presence of the elements of pressure noted in item 5 of the Contract,

7. fidelity of the spouse not my this right, is his desire to be with me, and - on the contrary,

8. what is allowed to one, - automatically grants the right for the same actions to another,

9. we have the right to listen to all, but we will solve the problems, - according to own beliefs,

10. everyone solves personal problems itself and at own expense, - the help only with the consent of the partner,

11. the husband undertakes to provide a family to all necessary - provided that under the rooftop of the conditions stated in the previous articles,

12 will be satisfied. budget of a family the general,

13. expenses will be coordinated, - and if necessary are conducted at the strict accounting of all articles of an expense: - when, - on what, and - how many.

14. from the general budget everyone has the right to spend, at discretion, the sums equal to earlier spent sums personally for himself (clothes, jewelry hobbies) other spouse, - having informed him of it,

15. in case of emergence a swagger - major circumstances (for example - item 5 of the Contract) - the passive side has the right, without any explanations, - preferably silently, to leave the place of the conflict, in any, the direction suitable for it, for a while, which it will count necessary, we will tell - for finding of the broken composure,

16. in case of, God forbid, divorce the property shares according to the Law, and - the spouse installed at marriage on the living space belonging to other spouse - is obliged to release it if is not able to settle stay terms on... others territory.

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