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How to be in time with privatization?

we live In the interesting state, dear reader! Last October it reminded the leaving train, and his citizens were related to the late passengers, seeking to jump on a footboard of the leaving train. In circles of lawyers - professionals there was very hot topic of privatization of housing recently. To the current law of Ukraine No. 2482 - X11 from 19. 06. 1992 About privatization of the state housing stock (further the Law No. 2482), more than 13 years, and our compatriots about existence of such statutory act as if the first time was heard. And the autumn agiotage around privatization of housing is not surprising - period of validity of privatization housing checks had to end on January 1, 2007. And turns which were formed in the centers of privatization, surprise in anybody did not cause. How many time was required to our compatriots to understand that spheres in receiving the apartment in property, can not be more? Part of the population of our huge country it became similar to the driving-off passengers, and the country is similar to the station! Also our dear compatriots after the leaving train, under the name " rushed; privatization as if on it they had no time earlier. But I want to calm you, dear reader, it is not necessary to rush like mad to the station and to convulsively pull stop - the crane: it is not still lost, you have time, dear passenger, in a quiet situation to understand the created situation.

The autumn marathon on privatization of housing, reached the peak point, and persons interested to receive in property the housing became more and more, amounts of works in the privatization centers everything increased and increased, and the end and edge it was visible to this event not. And in this regard, our legislators made the wise decision and together with it voted for the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine About modification of the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from 21. 12. 2000 About extension of term of use of housing checks for privatization of the state housing stock (No. 286 - V from 31. 10. 2006).

For a start everyone needs to understand for themselves what is privatization and what ways of its implementation? Privatization of the state housing stock represents alienation of apartments (houses), rooms in apartments and one-room houses where two and more employers, and the economic constructions and rooms relating to them live (cellars, sheds and so forth) the state housing stock in favor of citizens of Ukraine. According to the Law No. 2482 - X11 privatization is carried out in the way:

bezoplatny transfer to citizens of apartments (houses) at the rate of 21 square meters of the sanitary standard on the employer and each member of his family, and in addition 10 square meters on a family;

sales of surplus of total area of apartments (houses) to citizens of Ukraine who live in them or consist in turn of the living conditions needing improvement.

In article 4 of the above-stated Law No. 2482 - X11 is provided norm according to which all citizens of Ukraine could receive housing checks. What is it and as to apply them, our many compatriots, do not know still. Housing checks are the privatization documents used by citizens at privatization of the state housing stock and also can be used for privatization of part of property of the state enterprises and land fund. Having carried out the actions established by the law concerning privatization of the apartment, you dear reader, become an owner and have the right to dispose of the apartment on the discretion: to sell, present, bequeath, to lease, exchange, put, and also to carry out other actions which are not forbidden by the law. That is you have all those rights which are ordered to the owner by the current legislation.

And now, having been frightened of panic among the population which headlong rushed to privatize housing, people`s deputies split Gordian knot thereby having given the chance to our compatriots, to quietly receive what they have full authority to in property. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine once again prolonged the term of use of housing certificates for privatization of the state housing stock for 2 years, i.e. till December 31, 2008!

In the conclusion all of us want to wish that - the driver would wait on a red semaphore to 31. 12. 2008, also brought together all late passengers in one car, under the name - privatization! Two years will pass quickly, and our citizens can face that again - a problem, without having managed to use housing checks for the allowed time. Good luck to you, misters!