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What appears on our table every fall? Pumpkin dishes! Without what I do not represent

falls? Without the multi-colored maple leaves which are monotonously knocking on glass of drops of a rain, a wet umbrella and cozy evenings at a big table at which all family gathered for a dinner... And on a table - what is only not present! The autumn table - the richest, the most tasty, it and bursts with vegetables and fruit, and the queen of a table the beauty - pumpkin by right is considered.

- not to count recipes with pumpkin. Both cook it, and soar, and fry, and extinguish, and bake... And also preserve and dry. And on taste pumpkin is good, and the table will decorate. Therefore when I want a holiday, I choose the most beautiful pumpkin and I stuff it...

The stuffed pumpkin

At first pumpkin needs to be washed up and dried up. Then to cut off hat - approximately fourth part of pumpkin. To carefully remove all seeds and fibers. Seeds can be dried up - and it is pleasant to gnaw, and winter not far off - we will feed up birds.

To prepare with what we will stuff our pumpkin: to boil a glass of long-grain rice to semi-readiness, to fry chicken breasts (about a kilogram), to cut two onions and to redden them on a frying pan in vegetable masliyets.

Now the most responsible moment: we begin to stack ingredients. The first rice goes there (it can be mixed with a curry or other seasonings - aroma will be tremendous!) then beautiful it is ruddy - golden onions, and appetizing pieces of chicken will finish composition.

We cover pumpkin with the cut-off lid, and we oil a skin vegetable. We choose the metal vessel suitable by the sizes, we put in it pumpkin and we send to an oven. Temperature - 230 - 250 degrees S. Zasekayem time: in half an hour it is possible to check readiness - if the skin is easily pierced by a toothpick, then pumpkin is ready.

We take out it from an oven and we spread in a deep dish not to allow to flow out to juice. Then we cut pumpkin as a water-melon and we display on plates: pumpkin chunk, and from above rice, chicken, onions... We water all this vkusnotishcha with juice and we strew with greens. Unusually!

And here one more pumpkin dish, it elementary prepares and too leaves nobody indifferent.

we Will take Nyyokki from pumpkin to

grams of the 400th pulp of pumpkin, we will cut it pieces and we will boil in a small amount of the added some salt water.

After it will cook, we merge water, we cool pumpkin, and then we wipe it through a sieve. We add to pumpkin puree of grams 200 (or more) the sifted flour, egg, pepper and salt to taste. We knead dough.

We put water on fire, we add to it a little vegetable oil and salt. As soon as water begins to boil, we throw in it our nyyokk - we gather a spoon a small amount of the test and by means of other spoon we shake in a saucepan. As soon as nyyokk came up on a surface, catch them a skimmer and send to a soup plate. Only surely you watch that nyyokk did not stick to a pan bottom.

That`s all, the dish is ready! Water nyyokk with the kindled butter, strew with grated cheese and decorate with greens...

By the way, nyyokk can be done not only with pumpkin puree, but also with carrot, or with broccoli puree. Let your imagination will prompt you

Beautiful and tasty to you fall!