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What is metal?

Think that each of you ever faced such direction of the musical industry as hard rock, in particular metal (thoughts (Dat) - metal, gothic styles - metal and so forth) .

Thoughts (Dat) - metal - two a little different style, but in the modern world consider them as one. It is style in which are combined weight a bass - guitars and a rigid reef (chord) of an electric guitar, a heavy drumbeat and often neither a gentle, nor a melodious voice. The main objective of Doom a consists in expression of despair, pain and suffering from terrestrial weights and pains, but this style NOT calls for a suicide or similar actions. He helps to understand himself, to realize what earlier nobody understood.

Gothic styles - metal is similar on thoughts the semantic loading and an orientation of texts, but in this style there is no that weight which is present in Dat . In a gothic style melody and rigidity are combined that gives to music special sounding.

There is also a great number of others metal - styles, but the image above-mentioned arises in imagination of the unsophisticated listener when he hears the word " metal;.

Unfortunately, from - for the heavy sounding metal - music does not receive due consideration of public. Moreover, it is considered as music for sectarians, addicts (once, being in network search, I found the statement: Fate against drugs - the same that Winnie - Down against " honey;) abnormal, people with moved mentality.

I do not argue, true fans of metal look a little strange, but no more than that. Just they in a different way look at the world and an environment.

The main reason for the negative relation is a misunderstanding of sense of texts of compositions. When I asked the acquaintance what he does not love heavy music for, he answered that shouting (I apologize) morons cannot report something good by definition.

Music can be compared to literature. People read classical works not to relax and to learn some information. To endure events of characters. Similarly the situation and with music is. Listen to Pop to relax, and listen to metal to strain a brain. Though I learned to relax under metal. Believe me - it is pleasure peak. Such feeling as if you have a waking dream, you sleep with open eyes.

Metal helps to understand the world and its problems, but not global, but one person, one particle of society. At the first listening can seem that there is no sense at all. However be sure - the sense is always, but not everyone can understand it at once. If you have a joyful mood at present, you do not catch sense of the line I squeeze out the eyes. I suffer from this pain (Slipknot) But if in your life the period of a black strip, you feel that the phrase is told figuratively that its essence consists that if everything is bad, then only you in forces to change it. To Squeeze out eyes - in this case means to make acts to the detriment of itself and not to notice it, and to continue to live still and it is senseless to complain about society - to suffer from this pain .

I understand that the page of the text will not be able to change the settled views of the created personality, but I tried to inform the reader of true sense and mission of metal, but not that treatment which used in the estimates, without reflecting, my above-mentioned acquaintance.