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Why Dunno on the Moon it is possible to call an introduction course to the world of capitalism?

When Nosov responded in January, 1955 to the questionnaire Literary newspaper he so characterized the new book about Dunno: Scientifically - the fantastic story about the last achievements and prospects of development of the Soviet science in the field of a raketoplavaniye and telemechanics . Nikolay Nikolaevich, but, as we know, in each joke only a joke share joked, of course.

I know that in a direct talk the astronaut Leonov told the grandfather that if he read him Dunno on the Moon would not make one mistake. The astronaut left in space with a movie camera, and forgot to uncover a lens in the spaceship. Having opened a cap, he threw it into space. From jet propulsion that began to rotate, the hoses connecting the astronaut to the ship got confused, and Leonov slightly forever did not remain in space .

(And. Nosov, the writer`s grandson)

the Idea of flight of the person on the Moon then was one of the most burning. And all - the book appeared not absolutely about it.

Dunno on the Moon it was for the first time printed in 1965, and 4 years later the leg of the person really stepped into the satellite of Earth. But not the hero Soviet raketoplavaniye and American astronaut. The capitalist world managed to outstrip the Soviet Union in this plan. Symbolically, as Dunno with the Doughnut, due to a misunderstanding got on the Moon, met quite created bourgeois society there. With all that it implies it would Seem to

that can be more silly next Aelita on children`s manners? But Nosov`s book, despite an accurate ideological orientation and a clear plot, so brilliantly coped with a social task that it can be safely called a course of entertaining capitalist political economy for the Soviet child . From Dunnos on the Moon many Soviet children (and maybe not only children) for the first time learned what is actions, monopolization of economy, strikebreakers, the exchange and you never know still! Even karikaturno the exaggerated images of rich men look in a fantastic situation very organically. It was given so distinctly, convincingly and interestingly that, read some of our fellow citizens this fairy tale more attentively, would hardly come to their mind to deal with Mavrodi and To, and other bourgeois speculators.

There are several concrete examples:

Joint-stock companies:

We do not want to tell also that, acquiring shares, pudges get nothing as, taking shares, they receive hope for improvement of the welfare. And the hope, as we know, too yes costs something. For nothing, as they say, and the sore will not sit down. It is necessary to pay money for everything, and, having paid, it is possible and to dream .


Customs at lunar inhabitants Are that! Lunar the pudge will not begin to eat for anything candies, gingerbreads, bread, sausage or ice cream of that factory which does not publish announcements in newspapers, and will not go to be treated to the doctor who did not think up some puzzling advertizing for involvement of patients. Usually the sleepwalker buys only those things about which he read in the newspaper if he sees where - nibud on a wall dexterously made advertisement, then can buy even that thing which is not necessary to it " at all;.

Monopolization of economy:

- The best exit from the situation is to begin to sell salt even cheaper. Owners of small plants will be forced to sell salt at too low price, their zavodishka will begin to work at a loss, and they should close them. And here then - that we will raise price of salt again, and nobody will begin to prevent us to acquire the capitals .


- And who such these police officers? - Seledochka asked.

- Bandits! - with irritation told the Cone.

- the Word of honor, bandits! Really, a duty of police officers - to protect the population from robbers, actually they protect only rich men. And rich men - that are also the most real robbers. Only they plunder us, being covered with laws which think out. And what, tells, a difference, under the law I will be robbed or not under the law? Yes to me all the same! .

Sneer company:

- And that. Society of huge plants can burst? - Grizl pricked up the ears (the editor of the newspaper - S. K.) also moved the nose, as if sniffing to something.

- Has to burst, - Krabs answered, doing an accent on the word has to .

- Has to? Ah, has to! - Grizl began to smile, and his upper teeth stuck into a chin again. - Well, it will also burst if has to, I dare to assure you! Ha - ha! .

Mass culture:

- At first you will be will both be fed there and to give to drink, and you will want to treat with what, and nothing should be done. Unconcernedly you eat yes drink, have fun yes sleep and walk how many will get. From such foolish pastime the pudge on the island gradually grows stupid, runs wild, then begins to acquire wool and eventually turns into a ram or into a sheep . (By the way, Nosov borrowed an image of the idlers turning into rams from K. Kollodi`s fairy tale Pinocchio`s Adventure - S. K.) .

It is unconditional, the arrived pudges - communists headed by the scientist Znayka could not but enter fight against lunar exploiters. Further everything develops in the best traditions of an era cold war . At terrestrial pudges in a century of a scientific and technological revolution awareness of correctness is supported original punishment tool the zero gravity device against which guns are powerless. The economic problem is solved with the help of cultivation on the Moon of huge plants which seeds missionaries deliver from Earth.

By the way, Znayki`s image is interesting what it combines in one face of the deep scientist and the authoritative head. In Soviet period it happened quite often, it is enough to remember powers which allocated the General designer S. P. Korolev. Znayka - not only the inventor. It still accumulates for performance of grandiose tasks (space exploration, change of a political system of the whole planets etc.) manpower of the cities, operates difficult productions, subordinates (having passed through rigid polemic) to the will scientific intelligence of society and sends it to the course of performance of the tasks set by it. In case of need Znayka shows the true rigidity and even roughness, however, as well as to all other heroes, Nosov treats him with soft humour.

By the way, Nosov not for nothing showed that for preservation in communistic (and any other) affluent society balance, it is necessary to put before people target most important tasks that society did not lose the active force. Otherwise, the pudges who grew dull from inaction will begin to be engaged in senseless accumulation (like the Doughnut which bought up suits), or search new (not always harmless) entertainments (it is similar to weathercocks Solar city).

Dunno on the Moon - this adventure political lampoon - probably, one of the most successful in the Soviet literature. It is successful just because with all lines necessary for a lampoon, the reader for a minute does not perceive his idle time propaganda material . Allegorical meaning (the fairy tale - all this is the fairy tale) and talented irony helps out (which is applicable to all characters without exception).

Surprisingly and the fact that the book does not become outdated on the contrary - gains sharpness in our present life, times to the pain reminding episodes from Moon . The majority of us appeared as if on the new planet: and trustful blockheads - outsiders like Dunno, and unlucky egoists - businessmen like the Doughnut. Who is bribed Skuperfildovsky sausages, who is driven on a bell ring from the dining room to a roundabout, from a roundabout - to movie theater. And our newly appeared owners of life act precisely by Spruts and Zhulio`s method: - At you, smart guy, in this room the rubbish accumulated too much However you should not clean here. We will simply pass into other room and when nasviny there, we pass into the third, then into the fourth, and so, yet we will not dirty all house, and there it will be visible . Only it is unlikely the steamship on zero gravity wings will arrive to rescue us. It is necessary to rise over this disgrace.