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What the general between Dunno and Tommaso Campanella?

- Today still no fly bit me, - Dunno answered. - And boring I because that it is boring for me.

- Here so explained! - the Button laughed. - Boring because it is boring. You try to explain is more sensible.

- Well, you understand, - Dunno told, making a helpless gesture, - we have in the city all somehow not as it is necessary. Is not present any, you understand, miracles, anything are not present magic .

(N. Nosov Dunno in the Solar city )

about an ideologichnost of fairy tales about Dunno, it should be noted that openly it was shown only in the second book - about travel to the Solar city. I remember how I was surprised when I later for the first time noticed a decade that the name of the city has barefaced something in common with City of the Sun - communistic utopia of the Italian philosopher of the 17th century Tommaso Campanella. In a utopia the wonderful project of the city of the future where there is no private property is recreated and general abundance reigns. Khrushchev`s installations in 20 years as well as possible transferred mood of that time when it was written " to creation of communism; Dunno in the Solar city .

Of course to get to so amazing place, it is necessary peculiar " portal;. The dreamer Dunno who did not get used to persistent consecutive achievement of the purpose receives such " portal; from the magician`s hands in the form of a magic wand. And here our sloven in the company of a romantic Button and the outcast - Pachkuli Pestrenky`s rack rush a mad whirlwind into the serene city of happiness, putting this utopia on the real trials on durability.

In this book we learn bases of the social device of two cities of pudges. For example, it becomes clear that in the Flower city society reminds primitive communism and the economy is based on barter. In the Solar city we see already developed communism with free distribution of the benefits, we admire technical miracles, and also we get acquainted with surprisingly delicate militia.

- At you it is simple: go to the dining room and you eat what the soul will wish, and work for us at first, and then you eat.

- But also we work, - the Thread objected. - One work at fields, kitchen gardens, others do different things at factories, and then each beret in shop that it is necessary to it.

- So to you help to work cars, - Dunno answered, - and we have no cars. And we have no shops. You live all together, and at us everyone a house - in itself. From - for it the big confusion turns out. In our house, for example, there are two mechanics, but any tailor. In other some house there live only tailors, and any mechanic. If are necessary to you, for example to tell, trousers, you go to the tailor, but the tailor will not give you trousers for nothing as if begins to give all trousers for nothing. .

- How many years I work in militia, and there was never a case that passersby water had a shower bath. I think, it should read the short notation and to allow to go home quickly, and that as if he did not take offense at us

- I too awfully am afraid that he can take offense. Release it, please, Svistulkin. Inspire in it as - nibud is more delicate that it is bad to have a shower bath water, and apologize politely for the fact that we detained him...

- is good, - Svistulkin agreed.

- Yes give it, by the way, here, I will apologize too for the fact that I talked to it too strictly .

Situation about scientifically - technical progress as an invariable condition of creation of communism, and also Nosov`s hobby for science and equipment lead to the fact that Solar city it is frighteningly overloaded with descriptions of all mechanisms. The story became a little bulky though, perhaps, it only opinion of the adult who lost children`s interest in different invention. Though why children`s? Many inventions from Nosov`s fairy tale are gradually realized (telesupervision over traffic, the meat grinder screw instead of wheels and even aerated water as fuel for the car).

So, in the Solar city cars and the small personnel serving them work mainly. Other population is occupied with either entertainments, or free creativity. However the writer`s view of a utopia is not so utopian as it seems in the beginning. Was to Dunno due to a misunderstanding to turn three donkeys from a zoo enough in people that rest of the City of the Sun was broken.

To three still it seemed to All of them strange that they go not on four legs, and to two. Their all the time overcame desire to fall by all fours and to cry on - asinine, but some internal force kept them from it. As a result of unsatisfied desire the melancholy began to gnaw them, this world did not become lovely, and all the time as if sucked in the pit of the stomach, and from it there was a wish to throw out some nasty joke that and at others at heart became as badly, as at them . Three asocial hooligan elements work with

like a detonator. They are unrecoverable in fact. And as well as others anomalies they cannot be much. But under their influence it appears more and more quite normal and enough communistic the pudges (who got the nickname weathercocks ). Also it turned out that the city which weaned from dangers (except unless high-speed driving cars), has no immunity against casual " at all; " virus;.

The world and rest comes back to a utopia as well as was broken: on magic wave. In the happy, in fact, end sad notes sound. Travel to the future came to the end, the magic wand lost the force, hope on fast wonderful painless jump from society of need in society of freedom it is impossible. Even in the fairy tale.

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