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How there was Dunno?

Passed exactly hundred years since the birth of the writer Nikolay Nosov - the author of the well-known trilogy about Dunno, stories about visionaries and Mishkiny porridge, and still sets of not less remarkable children`s books.

Creator Gothic ballad about the Grasshopper - an ogurechik was born on November 23, 1908 in the settlement of Irpen near Kiev, and since the childhood differed in an extreme versatility of the hobbies. He, like Dunno, wanted to become a musician, to be engaged in equipment. As a result of Nosov it was learned on the director - the director, moved to Moscow and, eventually, found glory of the children`s writer.

In 1952 it receives to Gospremy the USSR for the story Vitya Maleev at school and houses . And in 1957 on survey conducted by the international magazine UNESCO Nosov unexpectedly got to the first three of the Russian writers who are most translated abroad (after Gorky and Pushkin). The second award - of Krupskaya - the writer will receive later (in 1970) and it will be an award for Dunno who glorified it.

A story of creation of the trilogy about Dunno is extremely poor in the facts. Its sources lie in pre-revolutionary tales of A. Hvolson of little forest men, well-known to Nosov`s generation. In these simple informative stories about the elves traveling all over the world we for the first time meet the character by the name of Dunno. However from it the nosovsky hero got only a name, and here character the Soviet Dunno bears to other hero Hvolson a strong resemblance - the boaster, the liar and the dandy the Murzilka. Only if at Nosov Dunno wore a bright blue hat, yellow, canary, trousers and an orange shirt with a green " tie; the Murzilka was a dandy of the era - wore a long coat or a dress coat, a high black hat, boots with tight socks, a cane and a fragment of glass in an eye . As a result everything finally got confused - Dunno became similar to the Murzilka, and the Murzilka turned into the hero of the children`s magazine eventually, having kept from the primary source only a name.

Probably very few people know that they a story about pudges of the Flower city for the first time began to be published in the Ukrainian children`s magazine Barvinok in 1953, after Nosov`s acquaintance to the editor Bogdan Chaly.

Managed to issue several numbers as Stalin died. I remember, on a cover of the magazine the mourning portrait of the leader was printed. Surprisingly, but already in the following number chapters of the cheerful fairy tale about Dunno appeared. In 54 - m the novel appeared the separate book with illustrations of the remarkable artist Alexey Laptev .

(Igor Nosov, the writer`s grandson)

as a result of nosovskiya a cycle about pudges made two stories ( Adventures of Dunno and his friends 1954, Dunno in the Solar city 1958. ), one novel ( Dunno on the Moon 1964) and the short fairy tale adjoining them about the Small screw, Shpuntika and the vacuum cleaner (in it Dunno is the minor hero who became famous only for the well-known phrase that why before going to bed to undress if in the morning to put on " again;) .

The feeling is created that, beginning to compose a story about Dunno, the author himself also did not suspect what short witty stories about the near and curious kid trying " will develop in; at once to master the most various professions. The author noted that he wrote off many lines of the hero, watching the little son - Petya. But is given to me that from - under Dunno`s masks also the Nikolay Nosov liking to wear wide-brimmed hats, always eager for any undertakings and inclined to imagination crafty looked out.

- So you from - for rhymes on me will compose any lie? - Znayka boiled.

- Of course, - Dunno answered. - Why to me to compose the truth? The truth and could not be composed, it already is .
it is simpler than

with society of pudges - a such children`s projection of adult society. Residents of the Flower city, as a matter of fact, - or the personified professions (the scientist Znayka, doctor Pilyulkin, the poet Tsvetik), or certain traits of character in the flesh (The grumbler, Toropyzhka, the hedonist Ponchik).

Dunno, by definition, - tabula rasa, a blank sheet, an empty rune, the " card; Fool from the Big Lasso of Taro. Here - a reference point, potential, the beginning of adventures. For adventures Dunno it is equipped completely: it is not burdened by excessive knowledge and stereotypes and at the same time is allocated with excessive curiosity, passion to adventures and vivid imagination. It is moderately practical, bright and aggressive. It is impossible to call boastfulness, roughness and falsity defects, these shortcomings at it are superficial, as at the child. The image of Conscience tormenting Dunno at night appears only while it exceeds a measure of innocent prank: turns by means of a magic wand the pudge into a donkey.

The most amusing that Dunno`s ignorance often means also a nezaangazhirovannost. If to ponder, then he is much more interesting poet, than professional Tsvetik. The child, certainly, is made laugh by poetic attempts of Dunno it seems of

" more; Toropyzhka was hungry.

Swallowed the iron cold .

A here the adult will be amused more by Tsvetik`s verses:

The Huge sphere inflated with steam of

Rose in air it not without reason. our

the pudge though not a bird,

does not do to Fly it all-. everything is available to

I, an ekhma!

Now for our mind! .

Dunno and as the excellent caricaturist in Van Gogh`s style and as the inventor of cacophonous music Proved ( Well I play - loudly! ) . The similar flight of fancy always imposed me in the childhood in the middle of a boring semi-official organ of a socialist realism. Of course, Nosov appreciated professionalism, but Dunno`s experiments were derided with such warmth that there was a suspicion: whether himself was derided by the author? Perhaps therefore educational the accent of tales of Dunno is so not persuasive that the writer himself as if puts himself to the place of heroes, participates in process, as they say, from within.

Fantastic literature in general loves all blockheads, like disobedient Buratino, free Carlson, selfish Peter Pan or the poor student Barankin. Severe excellent students and positive a share - boys do not leave so bright mark in literature. The only popular fairy tale character differing correctness - Alice from Carroll`s dilogy. But her judiciousness and gravity is simply necessary on mad background of other heroes of phantasmagoria.

The intelligible and well-aimed humour allows Nosov to sneer even at the colleagues from craft (be - that poetesses or writers), and sometimes and at the whole tendencies.

- I will read you the recent poem about a mosquito. Listen:

Ya caught a mosquito.

That - ra, that is ra, that is ra - ra! Komarishka I love


I Rub - lyu - lyushka, I rub - lyu - lyu!

But komarik became sad.

Is a pity for a komarishka. there is no

, I to myself will catch

Better a muravyishka. Muravyishk`s

is sad too,

likes to take a walk Too. Will drop down

to me to potter with them

Should read the book

- And here still listen, - the poetess told and read verses in which it was told not about a mosquito any more, and about a dragonfly and which came to an end not in words that " any more; it is necessary to read the book and that it is necessary to sew up a dress .

- Tell, please, and what book you wrote?

- I did not write still any book, - Smekaylo admitted. - The writer to be very difficult. Before becoming the writer, me, as you can see, it was necessary which - to get what, and it is not so simple. At first I had to wait when the portable table is ready. It stretched for many years .
Be engaged in

in this fairy tale ours abstruse the critics (who found latent sexuality even in Winnie - Down ) that travel to the Green city quite could be treated as a sortie in the real center of feminism though here the psychological problem finished to the point of absurdity in the relations of boys and girls of dopodrostkovy age takes place.

- Kids imagine that only they one brave, but the baby are not more coward than them at all. You see on what height got, - the Snowflake told.

- But kids in balloons fly, go by cars, - Dunno answered.

- you Will think! - the Snowflake told. - At us too many babies can go by the car.

- Unless at you the car is?

- Is. Only it deteriorated .

Dunno by right became one of the most known, successful and main - original - heroes of the Soviet fantastic literature. And books about it to these with invariable pleasure can read, both children, and adults.

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