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What the psychotherapy is? You Remember

, dear readers, I promised to tell you about different types of psychotherapy? I want to keep the promise now. I will tell of the most interesting psychotherapeutic directions and I will try to explain their essence, without resorting to scientific terms. Why they to you?

So, we will begin!

1. Humanistic psychotherapy. the Founding father - Karl Rogers. From the name becomes clear that in the center of this psychotherapy there is a person. The personality with all her problems, the person with all shortcomings and advantages, the person as the main value, as the one who needs understanding and sympathy. The therapist empathizes the client, communicates with him as equals, like his thoughts and expectations.

2. Behavioural psychotherapy. Good (correct, necessary, desirable) the behavior of the person is supported (is confirmed) by positive incentives (positive feelings, emotions, material remuneration). Negative (bad, undesirable) the behavior or is supported, remains nothing ignored, or is followed punishment - negative emotions, discontent of the therapist etc. of

3. Provocative therapy. the Psychotherapist treats the client rigidly, sometimes it is even cruel (not physically, and verbally), arousing just anger, indignation at the client. Also the psychotherapist has to use humour. He has the right to deride (in admissible, not offensive borders) behavior and the client`s acts, but is obliged to laugh also at himself, differently it already mockery, but not therapy.

4. Psychodrama. the Office of the psychotherapist turns into a theatrical scene where both clients, and the therapist - actors. And it is desirable that it was several clients: a family, a school class, the group of people united by a common problem, the general grief. In such dramas problem situations from life of each client are played, everyone can get up to the place of another, take his role.

5. Skazkoterapiya. If you think that it can be used only during the work with children, then it not so. Adults love fairy tales, instructive, therapeutic, the allegories, parables allowing to look at a problem on the other hand too.

6. An art - therapy. the Office of the psychotherapist turns here into a workshop of artists. Besides, not only children can be helped by this type of therapy. If the person for any reasons cannot tell about the problem, speak it (the small child, the deaf person having weak-mindedness mute), then its drawing will tell more, than any words.

7. Rationally - emotional therapy. Emphasis is placed here on the fact that the client has thoughts, views preventing it grow as persons, to live, communicate, build the relations. And so, this therapy helps to change such thoughts and emotions to others, more adequate and useful to the person.

8. Game therapy. It is used, of course, generally in work with kids who have problems in a family. Children give to the toys roles family members. That is, for example, the teddy bear plays a role of angry eternally drunk father, a doll - a role of the senior little sister - defenders and favourites, and other doll - a role of eternally tired mother. But often child plays a role of the parent, and gives to a doll a role of the obedient uncomplaining kid.

9. Psychoanalysis. This concept to you is familiar for a long time. Quite right, the client is given to childhood memories, analyzes all events which happened to him and his relatives recurring to the memory, gives associations on the words told by the therapist, the psychotherapist almost always passively silently listens, only occasionally sending to thought of the client. Of course, there are many kinds of psychoanalysis, and such as I described it now, it is used quite seldom.

10. Corporally - the focused psychotherapy. According to the name can guess that huge value is given not only to soul, but also a body here. The attention to gestures, a mimicry, poses is paid. In this type of therapy touches, sometimes and dances are actively used. The main thing not to go too far that touches of the psychotherapist had no sexual character It will be pleasant not to any client! Also will file a lawsuit!

I listed not all types of psychotherapy known to me. Each of the called directions has the branches and differently approaches the solution of our problems.