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How to support an exotic animal in house conditions? Salamander. Feeding and the maintenance of

the Next to us, a Carpathian salamander - an endangered species (it is included in the Red List). The salamander and therefore this amphibious now - at all not a rarity on " is quite widespread in other countries fiery (or spotty); poultry markets Ukraine and Russia where it is quite regularly delivered businessmen from zoology .

As terrariumny animal salamanders are hardy and unpretentious, easily transfer bondage. And despite the long loop of gloomy fairy tales and legends which is trying to keep step with this small lizard she is quite peaceful and is not aggressive in relation to the person at all. A basis of gloomy legends was, most likely, the reserved way of life of an animal.

And therefore the person interested to have at home this exotic original being needs be not to forgotten that comfortable conditions for his quiet life provide first of all a possibility of a privacy . The dwelling of a salamander has to be surely equipped with branches of trees, a scattering of stones, including big cobble-stones behind which she will hide. As shelters also picturesque snags, wood chips, clay crocks can serve.

Having got used to the housing and to owners, salamanders are quickly tamed and even with pleasure eat food from hands of the person or from tweezers.

Duration of their life is high and can reach of 50 years . Fiery salamanders usually live in the nature no more than 20 years. It is rather simple to look after animals even for beginners.

The main condition or - it is even better than keeping of small lizards in a terrarium - to an akvaterrariuma maintenance in it a necessary microclimate is: humidity and certain temperature . Humidity is easily provided by continuous spraying of a laying which has to consist of the forest earth and a soft moss.

As a laying it is possible to use a sphagnum - the moss possessing good hygroscopicity that facilitates maintenance of necessary humidity. At the same time it possesses also slightly disinfecting properties and does not rot. Salamanders prefer to bury in a moss and to carry out in is mute the most part of day. It is possible to get a sphagnum in zoo - or tsvetovodchesky shops. It is possible to put in a terrarium also landed in flowerpots singonium, a monstera, etc. Accurate amphibians very delicately handle plants.

As salamanders love cool and shady places and do not transfer direct sunshine, additional lighting, as well as heating, it are not required for them. It is better to use a bulb luminescent (daylight), not heating akvaterrarium. It is impossible to expose a terrarium on the sun or about the battery as the fiery salamander badly transfers temperature over 25 C .

When to small lizards becomes hot, they begin to clamber on terrarium walls. To cool in it air, it is possible to apply simple reception: to fill a plastic bottle with water, to freeze in a deep freeze, and then to put it in a terrarium. It is possible for this purpose to get a beautiful vessel not to spoil a terrarium interior, and to freeze water in it. Salamanders creep up to such saving to " refrigerators; also are cooled.

A flat bowl with water or a small vodoyomchik in a terrarium for small lizards are very desirable. And it is even better to arrange to salamanders the pool (ideally - with flowing water that at the present number of aquarian mechanisms does not make special difficulties). But an indispensable condition - it has to be superficial as these amphibians are not Masters of Sports in swimming and are even capable to drown elementary.

As well as all Amphibia, a salamander - a predator. But the predator leading a night and twilight life. In the afternoon they prefer to hide, and will hardly darken, animals go to hunting. At first sight, they are sluggish and inactive. But it is deceptive impression. Through glass of a terrarium it is possible to observe how beautifully they hunt. Having noticed the victim, the hunter slowly creeps to it, and having appeared at sufficient distance, does a lightning throw all over forward.

The poison which is in animal glands (salamandrin or salamandrotoksin) affects the central nervous system of the victim, originally exciting it, and then paralyzing the centers of a medulla. If in the nature slugs, worms, snails and other invertebrates become their victims most often, then in the conditions of terrariumny contents of the menu of beauties - it is possible not only to improve small lizards, but also to vitaminize.

It is the most reasonable to feed, of course, terrariumny animals with the cockroaches and crickets who are specially divorced in bondage . cannot allow feeding by an animal caught in the room " At all; free Prussian. Possibly, this insect tried a certain quantity poisons which can kill your amphibian.

The most suitable dish for salamanders are crickets at whom before feeding it is necessary to remove back (prygatelny) pads in order to avoid traumatizing a small lizard. With the same purpose at adult cockroaches wings and pads are removed. Clamped in tweezers dish it is brought to to the person salamanders at distance of 1 cm (not closer). Having noticed production, amphibious does a sharp throw and there is enough insect.

Appetite salamanders directly depends on temperature and humidity of environment. 18 - 24 degrees Celsius are considered the optimum temperature at which animals are quite gluttonous. At more high or low temperature long refusal of food is possible. In the hot summer animals can eat nothing during one - two months at all. During this period it is very important to humidify a terrarium constantly.

At a molt an animal long hunger strike is also possible. Amphibians, as well as snakes, and all other lizards, periodically change an integument. The owner amphibious needs to know that in a thin skin of a salamander there are substances difficult to replace and therefore Amphibia often eat the old skin. In the period of a molt of animals it is better not to disturb and furthermore, not to offer to have a dinner .

In the conditions of bondage animal need to feed vitamins . It becomes very simply: it is enough to dunk the fed cricket (or a cockroach) into water, and then to strew from above with polyvitaminic powder. Or to enter by means of the syringe a vitamin dose on the basis of oil in an insect.

It is necessary to remind that though poison of salamanders and is not dangerous to the person, nevertheless to owners of these small lizards (and other Amphibia), it is necessary to wash carefully hands with soap after communication and work with them and not to allow hit of a poisonous secret in eyes, on mucous membranes, not begun to live wounds or scratches. It can cause notable irritation.

At the correct leaving, respect for purity and various food animals will feel so well and comfortably that they can please you with posterity. Cultivation of young growth in house conditions does not make great difficulties.

I will tell about it in the following article.