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Who such NEW gourmets and what they eat? (continuation: soups )

Gourmets are such people which not only like to eat, but also is tasty

of Others likely just does not happen, unless only those who are not in time. And time - that every day less, as pushes on a special ingenuity not only gourmets .

And therefore:

Food concentrates basis of instant kitchen of the Gourmet! Its ingenuity turns this into a masterpiece of culinary art, as confirm small articles about fleeting cookeries which not to share - a sin!

(Information to reflection or to specification: I give all recipes counting upon 4 portions!)


green peas Cream soup (20 minutes).

Green peas to warm up, wipe through a sieve or to crush in the mixer. In ¾ l (3 glasses) of the boiling water to dismiss 3 cubes, to connect all that to peas. Flour to stir

with milk, to pour in soup, to boil. To add a yolk, it is good to stir a beater. Not to boil! to Pour

in plates or bouillon cups, to strew with small cut fennel. To give with a cracker.

(Information to reflection or to specification: 1 bank of green peas, 3 cubes, ½ glass of milk, 1 tablespoon of flour, 2 yolks, sugar, salt, fennel). ***


Soup pea of pea meal! (15 minutes).

Pea meal it is good to b to stir

with cold water and to pour in milk.

In liter of the boiling water to dismiss cubes, to pour in the prepared solution, to boil, constantly stirring slowly, within 5 - 8 minutes.

Small to cut brisket, to fry and add slightly to soup before the end of cooking. Separately to give to


(Information to reflection or to specification: 8 tablespoons of pea meal, 4 cubes, 1 glass of milk, 50 grams of bacon, salt, marjoram.)


Soup fish preserved (15 min.).

Onions to clear, cut circles and to fry on oil till golden color.

of B ½ l of the boiling water to dismiss cubes, to add contents of cans, to add pepper, to a veget tarragon. to Pour

in bouillon cups, having put in everyone on 1 tablespoon of sour cream, from above to put fried onions.

(Information to reflection or to specification: 2nd banks of canning fish soup (400 grams), 2 cubes, tarragon, salt, " seasoning; vegeta pepper, 4 spoons of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 big bulb.)


beer Soup (20 minutes) will be further