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What to tell the child asking a dog? The hint for parents of

In my mail letters from children and teenagers with a request are very frequent to help them to persuade parents who against acquisition of a dog. Usually I answer them so .

Hello! Do not take offense, but NOW you should not get a dog of any breed.... Of course if to think of a dog, and not just of you. I.e. To you - that the dog can and is necessary (though actually I doubt, you just do not know what is it), and here to a dog with you it will be bad.... Or a dog it will be good, but then it will be bad to you.... Or, and to you, and a dog it will be good, but then the huge part of cares of a dog will lay down on other people, most likely on your parents - it is worth asking them as far as to THEM it is necessary. I think that if your parents would be needs a dog they to themselves already bought her.) )))

Now you are still free (or you consider yourself as very free person, times you want yourself also such additional loading as a dog), and in several years other life will begin absolutely. As it seems to you fine and surprising . It, of course, will be also fine and surprising, but The set of additional difficulties and duties will arise VERY difficult, - you are sure that you need excess loading?!

And you are going to study? Now - that you study at school, but it not for the rest of life, and study at school strikingly differs from study in technical school or HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. And where you will find study without trips on practice and delays at seminars and colloquiums late? And on practice and seminars with a puppy it is impossible..... And he will suffer and suffer.... Or not to suffer, but you will suffer then, cleaning after it, and then will begin it to irritate you and you will begin to punish him.... for the fact that are too busy. Plus it is necessary to study you only in the city - with dogs do not let in hostels, and to rent apartment even more difficult and expensively....

Well, let us assume, you will not study.... And you will work? And where you will find work for which will take the person without education, but near the house (during the lunchtime to run to take a walk with a dog), with 9. 00 to 17. 00 and without any business trips, changes, delays etc.? And will pay how many for such work - you will have enough for a pro-forage not only yourself, but also a dog? And if not to work - who will feed a dog? Parents or husband (wife)? And they want it? If you want - can better let they to themselves will choose breed and will get a dog, and you will sometimes communicate with it.... Keeping of a dog - VERY expensive pleasure even if she is healthy, and if gets sick.... Especially if it not absolutely tiny (but most of teenagers like that - a terrier do not agree to a dog) You are able to spread every month about 3 - 4 - x thousands of rubles and to have in a stock 10 - 15 thousand on a case? And it is a minimum!

And appointments, guests, you are ready to cancel discos forever? And in 21. 00 to be at home ANYWAY? I am not familiar yet with the living young girl or the young man who agree to it in real (in words - all) if only dogs do not live at them all conscious life and walks did not become already a way of life..... By the way dog lovers on

discos are almost not - for two-hour active walk with a large dog naprygatsya SO that no discos are necessary.

And still there is a moment of specific clothes.... I.e. anything svetlenky - thin - glamourous, ideally - jeans and a sweater or an undershirt (on a season) and sneakers. And even when you go without dog, - tights - blouses almost not to put on a skirt - it is necessary to come back and the dog will meet you..... It is possible to close of course in the box or a cage, but

then it is necessary to undress under music .

And in marriage or you are going to marry? And the husband (wife) can quite not love dogs..... And the dog can not accept your spouse (-gu) - they are persons too and at them is

of sympathy too - antipathies. Where you will put a dog?

And children at you sometime will be? And the child can be an allergic person.... Asthmatic.... The dog can not accept the child..... Of whom you will get rid and how? Or you will torment the closest again and what the most opposite beings, dependent on you?

Generally, I on your place would suffer years 5 - 7.... And then it will be already clear - whether study is finished whether the family, life is adjusted, whether stable work, the attitude of the husband and child towards a dog etc. is clear. And almost for certain you will understand that the dog is not necessary to you or it is not possible to support her, is material or on time and power expenditure....

Look on the Internet 25 Galkin of the " points; - very useful thing! The main thing - absolutely truthful.... As one my friend - " told; When we had no dog we read and neighed, and now when to our boy a year we do not understand that there ridiculous, all indeed!

And if VERY MUCH - there is a strong wish a dog and to you it seems that you are able to cope with all above-mentioned, try to convince parents the next way. Declare it that you will live as as if you already have a dog. (in my childhood there was an animated cartoon about a mitten - the girl SO wanted a dog that she dragged for herself on a lead a usual knitted mitten everywhere, representing that it is her puppy . Eventually mother agreed to a dog) I.e. to rise on an hour earlier and this hour it is not simple to hang around on the apartment, and to run actively down the street. Then you wipe a floor in kitchen (as always after a dog breakfast) and only then you have breakfast, you make toilet and you go on the affairs. In the afternoon - it is strict in certain time to be at home and half an hour actively to run down the street. To wash the floor in all house and to vacuum all carpets and furniture (having a dog it is necessary either to do it daily or to live in dirt - I think parents will agree quicker if you choose the first option). Also you can be free to 21. 00. Exactly at this time, regardless FROM ANYTHING you have to come back home and to leave actively to run for 2 - 3 hours. Then to wipe a floor in kitchen again (as after a dog dinner) and it is possible to go to bed. Plus it is necessary that study and in what you still are engaged not only did not suffer, and even became better - since in case marks the occasion to tell that it from - for a dog worsens at parents. Plus it is necessary to lay off from the pocket money 2 - 3 thousand a month (the sum depends on the sizes of the breed of dog chosen by you) if there is not enough pocket money it is necessary to go to earn additionally after school (if you so the adult to have a dog, then you have to be and rather adult to be responsible for it and to support her). This money very much will be useful to you further . And so it is necessary to live not 1 - 2 day, but it is not less than a year. And in a year or parents will be convinced that you are REALLY able to be the owner of a dog and will agree to her acquisition, or you decide that it is not necessary to you.

Good luck to you. Milena