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What were the first skinheads?

History surprises us again and again: the real skinheads against racial prejudices . Not so gloomy all began. Just again all turned upside down. So who they are actually, adherents of Skinhead - the movement?

Style of skinheads is quite simple and easily recognizable. Having met on the way, they are recognized by everyone and … in horror will hurry to be behind the next corner. Frightening look, shaven heads, heavy boots, braces, tattoos, tight short jeans and “ exaggerated “ jackets - bomber jackets - the integral attributes of " style; skins “ symbols of anger and revolt of young people. But here what caused this anger? These are not immemorial hippy quarrels with parents, the melancholy for a forbidden way of life of the far West which is not brightened up by a punk mohawk.

Who they are? Fascists, of course, what long to think. But here to you snow on the head: the Nazism among the first skins as history of the most informal movement finds out, was not. And it is worth understanding it in more detail, having dispelled the myth about racial prejudices of true skinheads because what we see now: beatings and it is frequent even murders of foreign citizens, persecutions on representatives of other races and nations - not the real Skinhead ´ y, and bad parody to them.

The movement of Traditional skinheads (our way - “ skinheads “) arose in England in the middle of far 60 - x. First of all, certainly, skins attracted attention the appearance. Like a bolt from the blue there were shortly short-haired guys who were clearly standing out from the crowd long-haired “ beatlemaniacs “. Whether this was denial of the general fashion, expression of a protest, attempt to draw attention to itself? It is unlikely. Quite prosy, but practical skinheads were cut by a baize, pursuing one aim: that during street fights did not stir hair.

Skinheads were initially divided into several contradictory currents: anarchists and anarkho - communists whom also racists, and, at last, apolitical opposed Nazi. Later this informal movement with all the right and left currents was divided into smaller groups. One of such inflows of the big river Skinhead of SHARP steel (Skinhead Against Racial Prejudices). In Russian - “ skinheads against racial prejudices “. They originate in New - York in 1987

But peaceful and quite friendly, and, above all, tolerant skins in racism questions and were left in the basket of public recognition, not understood, not accepted. At this time in the press the false and very precipitately created opinion that one and all skinheads - White Power or Nazi prevailed. To be fair it is worth noticing that such relation was caused by the scandalous articles which appeared in the bourgeois press under loud headings which presented to readers of skins precisely beefy fascist swells.

So, distribution of messages that not all skinheads are identical, and absolutely even on the contrary was a task of some small groups of skins, and have various ideals and beliefs, both personal, and political. The interests, AFA (Anti Fascist Action - Anti-fascist Actions) was one of such quite peace groups trying to protect themselves and.

Quite peace orientation of beliefs and same actions “ red skins “ or anarchists, the emblem shows them. On it, besides weighty boots (main the weapon of a skin has to be standing ), it is possible to see a badge - three red (or white) the arrows designating freedom, equality, solidarity and striking racism, Nazism, fascism.

But examples of such virtuous skinheads, alas, for this day it is a little. Now unanimously, having dressed bomber jackets and having shaved the head “ under zero “ and having got a false idea itself skinheads, creep out big groups (that it was not scared, probably) on the street at night - to hunt overseas citizens. Truly animals.

Why hostility and even fear inspires in us only one word “skinhead“? For what, we question, the ideology of Skinhead`ov of last years - that was deformed, turned upside down that it was thought initially as an appeal to tolerance, tolerance of various races and nations each other; that what propagandized world peace, without borders and prejudices?