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How to accept outlook of other person?

For a long time not news that each of us lives in the special psychological reality weaved from beliefs. The variety of world around only aggravates a situation: objectivity does not exist, there are only different views of various people on the same subject. And disagreements between people arise for the only reason - when each of discordant is not ready to accept vision of the partner and insists on the as on only true.

Therefore, the your ability to accept outlook of the partner is higher, the probability of creation of good relations is higher. However there is an important moment - at the same time itself needs to grant the right to be itself. That`s it these criteria - the right to be itself and to accept another - often and conflict. How it is possible to combine these two parameters, sometimes incompatible?

Of course, it would be quite good to deal with outlook of the partner before entering close relations. But here we speak about the relations not only with the partner in marriage, but also with possible other people - with children, parents or colleagues. And them is that just and do not choose. Also it is necessary to build up the relationship already therein. In which there is a wish both to understand the partner, and to keep own advantage.

I consider as the fundamental moment the following.

your own outlook has to be most important for you and if you cannot accept and understand views of other person, then it is not necessary to pretend that you accept them! You can even pretend not necessarily for it, you can pretend for yourself. When you tell it to yourself: Well, I will agree to it because I want to be near you . When you agree on objectionable to your soul of a condition (it can be for various reasons - financial or any other), you sell part of the soul what you will pay in sincere discomfort for.

Second major moment.

Dare to have limits in understanding and acceptance of outlook of other people! Any person on light cannot understand and accept completely another - we can only aspire to it all the life. But some things in a position of other people will always cause unpleasant emotions. These emotions - a mirror of what we do not accept in ourselves. Thus, they teach us to see own limits and to respect first of all of .

I third.

the Constant desire to understand the limits gives the chance to expand them. And thus your understanding and acceptance of other people extends. And as a result - the relations improve.

Becomes clear that to accept outlook of the partner, it is necessary to glance in it as in a mirror - to see qualities which are not accepted in themselves, to allow them to be to get used and fall in love with itself with this quality. After allow themselves to have this quality, automatically you resolve it and to all other people.

It will also be acceptance of outlook of other person. I will repeat - partial acceptance, acceptance of one concrete aspect. But your moneybox of understanding of other people considerably will be replenished because accepting aspect of outlook of one person, you automatically accept this aspect in all other people.