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How to learn about an exhibition of dogs?

- We go to Poznan. Then to Riga and in a week in Shaulyay - Is not present

, we so far here povystavlyatsya by

- And from where you know when and where an exhibition?

Such, or similar, dialogue arises practically every time when to us the beginner comes to walking. So it turned out that the majority in our dog company - people exhibition (two metises participate in exhibitions of not purebred dogs " too; Nobility assemly - at us at last began to hold such exhibitions! - and in various training competitions) and the person who took a puppy recently is just lost from our talk.

Questions about exhibitions there is a great variety, further I will try to answer them, but that there were questions about an exhibition, it is necessary to get at first on it and to get - it is necessary to learn where and when the exhibition takes place

1. Internet. all is simplest and easy way to learn about exhibitions Now. It is possible to visit the official site of RKF. RKF - the Russian film logical Federation - most important dog the organization in Russia. Or rather, not that most important (alternative it is not worse), and only recognized as the international film logical community. Or it is possible to visit the website of that film logical organization which exhibitions interest you - there usually is a list of certification exhibitions on current, and sometimes and the next year. And about exhibitions of a rank of the World Cup or Europe it is known for many years! And it is possible to type the phrase " in any search engine; schedule of exhibitions of dogs - receive a great number of references.

Certification - it means that the exhibition has the official status that her organizers filed all documents to RKF in time (or the alternative organization) and that the dogs participating in this exhibition can receive the certificate.

About not certification exhibitions, and also about exhibitions of other film logical systems (not FTsI) - also the Kind World is FAST - it is possible to learn in clubs which will organize them. Or on the websites of the relevant organizations.

In a calendar of exhibitions on the official site of RKF there are contacts of organizers of exhibitions - write them, usually answer.

2. Club or film logical society. If you have no Internet connection - the list of exhibitions can be learned in the nearest club or film logical society - at them he usually is. Most of representatives of clubs with pleasure communicate with each person who came to them is an opportunity to attract in club of the new member with his membership dues and the new participant of exhibitions with his exhibition contribution.

3. Mass media. Still the various magazines devoted to dogs in them usually too appear there are announcements large (and sometimes and not really) exhibitions.

Sometimes some clubs (unfortunately, recently less and less) publish announcements in universal newspapers and magazines, but practically always only the city or region.

4. City posters. When I saw the big beautiful poster inviting last time to participate in an exhibition of dogs, I already also do not remember. But, perhaps, it only at us in the city so (and I can not on those streets I go). Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union it was all-widespread practice. Then not only participants, but also the ordinary people, the audience who do not have any relation to dog breeding went to exhibitions of dogs. Went just to look at beautiful dogs, went to the HOLIDAY! Now to the audience, of course, nobody will forbid to come to an exhibition (in most cases on the territory of an exhibition a free admission), exhibitions became more spectacular, it is much more than show elements - but there is practically no audience! However, I distracted (plus nostalgia) - here the speech not about it.

5. Gossip hotline , of course, nobody cancelled - most of dog lovers share with each other the exhibition plans. From talk on walking you can quite learn about some exhibition which will interest you.

Here still it should be taken into account that the majority of clubs have the traditions in holding exhibitions and many exhibitions are held every year at the same time in the same place. And if you somewhere heard that at some exhibition was pleasant to someone, it makes sense to specify when and where it was - quite perhaps that in a year you will participate in it!