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How to create the Arab style in an interior?

the Interior in the Arab style differ in singularity, the memorable details, specific solutions, richness of color and luxury of materials. In spite of the fact that the Arab style is used in interiors around the world, nevertheless it is based on traditions of Islam, customs, the principles of vital way and life of the Arab countries. Often Arab style also call Mauritian, berber or marrokansky (Marrakech).

The main feature of an interior in the Arab style is the specific ligature of the Arab ornaments (arabesok) which represent set of the strict geometrical figures decorated with vegetable motives. Arabesques by means of a mosaic or a list on the plastered walls or vaulted ceilings are carried out. Walls at the same time get off with panels from different types of a tree, expensive fabrics (brocade, moire, silk, a velvet, organza) or carpets from natural wool. Floor becomes covered by a tiled mosaic and is dimmed by bright carpets. Doors can be with elements of shod lattices, at the same time it is better to do doorways in the form of the lancet arches decorated with platbands with a carving or an ornament.

In large numbers in an interior draperies from fabric are used. It can be used as in dressing of windows, and walls or beds as bed curtains or canopies. Sofas, chairs and ottomans can be laid motley covers from wool or silk damage with an embroidery.

The quantity of furniture in the Arab interior is strictly limited. The main subject of an interior is the low and wide sofa, living silk or satin fabric. The ottoman which represents the low padded stool carpeted can replace a sofa. Cases are also quite low, often they in general are absent and replace them with niches in a wall which are covered with type-setting doors. In an interior as furniture it is possible to use dressers, a pier glass, chests, suspended buffets, low little tables.

The furniture has to be made of strong breeds of trees and is decorated with a refined carving and various elements and incrustations from a tree, a bone or nacre. In the Arab traditions to decorate furniture with stamping inserts from brass, a manual list, a mosaic from small plitochek, gilding or enamel. Very originally the unusual mosaic from thin wooden sticks looks. From them spread some pattern, fix on wooden plates, decorate with a tile or nacre, and then open with a varnish.

As illuminants it is possible to use the various lamps, for example, shaped from iron, a copper alloy, brass or decorated by skin of color of henna. The lamp can be executed in the form of a star, a stamping candlestick, remind lamps with sides from color glasses. The chandelier also has to be forged, it is possible to suspend to a ceiling it by means of chains.

Objects which will decorate an interior in the Arab style and will give it completeness, there can be various hookahs, the weapon, censers for aromas, mirrors in refined frames, copper, clay, glass and wooden ware. Large ware, such as it is better to put big vases, tubs and jugs on a floor, and small - to arrange in niches, buffets and on open shelves. Carved wooden, the stamping metal or painted clay dishes will well look on walls.

The Arab interior always looks magnificently and attractively, at the same time creates the warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. The apartment or the house with the Arab interior will never bother and long time will please owners and their guests.