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What is an aromamarketing? Management of the consumer of

In a pursuit of sales to the company is used by all new and new means of customer acquisition. Except traditional visual means of marketing communications in Russia (after foreign countries) touch marketing began to become fashionable . It is based on connection of all 5 sense organs of the person: sight, touch, hearing, taste and sense of smell. Sense of smell is taken in a basis of an aromamarketing and an aromadizayn.

The Aromamarketing - a complex of actions for use of smells. Practice as well as aromadizayn rooms, gift production, events (BTL), and neutralization of smells.

Aroma - a cleaning (i.e. neutralization ) is applied by in various situations. The problem when in office, trade rooms, restaurants, hotels and other places various specific smells mix up in an unpleasant combination is familiar to much. In such cases the atmosphere of the room can frighten off clients and buyers. Therefore the companies try not to stint aromatizations of rooms. Fresh, clean air gives feeling of comfort, and internal feelings of the buyer are transferred also to goods which to it are offered.

Besides, for good reason, Aram - a cleaning is actively used in toilet and smoking rooms.

Flavor souvenirs and gift production . Often it is connected with seasonality, for example, the smell of tangerines or fir-trees will increase sales of New Year`s souvenirs, the smell of flowers will increase demand for souvenirs by St. Valentine`s Day or on March 8.

Exists also so-called aromabrendirovany . The companies working in the sphere of an aromadizayn develop an associative array between a certain smell and a trademark. Really, such association cannot almost be stolen or copied that cannot be told about visual logos, slogans, the advertizing companies.

Also also aromatization of events , such as fashion shows, the presentations, promotion actions, holidays etc. practices. All these actions set before themselves the purpose of the maximum drawing attention that can achieve easily by means of smells.

And, of course, one of the main services - aromadizayn rooms . Where it is only not used! Imagine a smell of fresh pastries in shop, a smell of coffee grains at restaurant, hot popcorn at an entrance to movie theater. Boutiques smell sweet as aroma of Chanel No. 5, men`s shops - good tobacco, offices of tour operators - exotic fruit. All this ways of impact on target audience.

use Aromatization at restaurants, cafe, clubs, movie theaters, theaters, a casino, boutiques, supermarkets, hotels, fitness - the centers, medical clinics, offices and other similar rooms.

Aromas offer the most various: refreshing, exotic, sweet, gentle They extend by means of dispensor (automatic fragrances). They can be various forms, are based on various principles of aromatization, calculated on different volumes of the room. Dispensora are built in pieces of furniture, central airs and ventilation. All of them have individual settings, working in those hours when aromatization is necessary, easily fit into an interior.

Many known companies made experiments on an aromamarketing. All of them noted a considerable gain of sales from 5% to 150% and more. The smell near the place of sale should practically be noticed, he always pays attention of the client to goods as unexpectedly appeared pleasant aroma does not become boring as signs and advertizing.

The sphere of an aromamarketing strenuously develops and is in demand, unless it does not speak well for it?