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Freckles - konopushka how to treat them?

of the Freckle, konopushka - cheerful children which cause many troubles to little girls and boys and even to their parents! From where they undertake? And where disappear? I also tried to find out it because of deep empathy to owners solar otmetinok.

Why solar? Yes, because Because, now in a different way I cannot call them! My small research ended with the fact that the feeling of empathy developed into feeling as speak in the people, white envy. No, no, you did not mishear! Envy!

Better, all - one after another What the word " is associated at you with; freckles ? Of course, with a spring, with what? With the first warm and tender beams of the sun! You want to learn how there will be a word freckles in German? Sommersprossen - the word itself as if offers: ask summer! Of course, it is a joke.

What this word means actually? Sommer - summer. Sprossen - to ascend, sprout. How thrilling! The calendar is not necessary! Will report us bright, nice freckles about approach of summer in the spring! To hide them under a layer of voice-frequency powder - means, not to carry out charged to them by the nature.

However, absolutely not so long ago, only some hundred years ago, women of quality tried to cover the face with umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats. Otherwise differently the sun can give cheerful freckles their not absolutely noble origin! Ah, ladies! Such mollycoddles, such coquettes!

What today? Today we observe a large amount of special cosmetics for... drawings (!) charming small brown specks on not less charming face of their future owners.

Fashion what you with us do? How to keep up with you? Still yesterday proud brown-haired women with regret glanced at the blondes covered with freckles, and today try on the town for suns on the face.

While blondes prepare special brines for removal of freckles, for example, parsley infusion with which wipe a face several times a day or is put on a face by masks with the bleaching effect from natural ingredients: curdled milks, a cucumber, tomato and at the same time, without forgetting about danger to dry up skin, nutritious and sun-protection creams put, brown-haired women - stand idle in turn in a tattoo - salon, decorating themselves with konopushka! Here, the main thing not to make the wrong choice of color! And not to hammer a front sight too deeply under skin that it did not cast blue .

And, at last, men. As react on suns they? It appears, men are ready to fall in love with konopushka and have not complex in society " at all; freckled I will give!

So, I think, is not necessary to deceive the nature, trying to force not to react melanotsita (they are responsible for emergence of pigmentary specks) to action of an ultraviolet and to transfer money for lotions

take care Better of that your children, having received from you by inheritance and as a gift from the spring sun of a freckle, did not worry about them excessively, even the most freckled little girls often become beloved wives, and boys - the best husbands!

It seems that the sun knows to whom, as how many to add! Also consider freckles, do not consider -

All them, is not present not to count

their not three, four, five

the Account of freckles will not deceive -

Less suns will not become.

Look, they on me -

As a dewdrop on a grass!

On a face behind the left ear,

the Scattering of red konopushka!

Though to consider though not to consider - All the same them not to banish


Because mothers skin

Very much solar too !

Yes what to say! Freckles do not prevent career! At all! Who does not know Lindsay Lohan? Personally it is pleasant to me for freckles. Try to take away them at it - and it will be not Lindsay any more!

Look, unless not the queen?

And finally I want to add to all aforesaid for those who very jealously treat the appearance. In one wise book it is said that external beauty of the person does not come within miles of beauty internal which is shown not weaving of hair, not gold jewelry, not expensive " clothes; and what is hidden in heart of the person - an imperishable dress of quiet and mild spirit