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How to realize itself in a dekupazhny creative?

How many artists and masters - the technician is so much and different. Each author in the creativity finds the, unique detail performed by work. If all creative people told about the secrets - the thick book " could turn out; knowledge and any read, even without having talent, would comprehend science of creation and learned to think creatively. Already several years I collect

these knowledge arts. Now it became available: The Internet - our big encyclopedia. Every time when it seems to me that any more on concrete equipment is not present and cannot be ideas, suddenly someone finds for it new interesting application. And new ideas and a creative - stimulate bigger interest in art and inspire.

In the article What to choose: decoupage, dzhapanning, katauts or napkin equipment? you can learn about how there was an art a decoupage and what way it took place for several centuries. You will find the list of tools which are necessary for realization of equipment, and the main materials in it. And now I will share with you some secrets of equipment a decoupage.

Besides the main tools and materials, can be necessary auxiliary: the hair dryer, toothpicks, an emery paper, a painting adhesive tape, a film, a varnish acrylic or for nails, sponges, rollers - they will accelerate and will facilitate work. The hair dryer will help to dry up quickly it, and the painting adhesive tape, a varnish and a film will protect surfaces during the coloring and stratification of materials that material laid down exactly, without folds. The old toothbrush also can be useful for special effects.

So, we will get to work! The most popular material for a decoupage - a napkin. Why napkins became widespread material for a decoupage? (1) In work they are very convenient and (2) demand small quantity of varnish coats.

An operating procedure in equipment a decoupage:

1. Preparation of a surface. A tree - to zashkurit, ground acryle or PVA glue. Glass - to ground. Metal - can be not grounded. To allow to dry to a primer.

2. Preparation of a pattern.

3. The napkin is put to a surface, and over it PVA glue is applied with a dot method, without shifting a napkin that under a napkin it was not formed and there was no air bubble left. To allow to dry 1 tear and to put the second layer of glue or to varnish in 1 layer or more, it depends on a product and your idea.

Knowledge: Drawing over a napkin can emphasize

with the volume details made of the rough modeling paste. On a film you prepare a desirable volume detail and you transfer it to the napkin pasted already, you smooth edges of a detail fingers and you remove a film. You allow paste to dry. From above it is possible to paste a napkin with drawing on which the volume detail was made, or to paint.

And if you liked the photo or drawing from the magazine, a poster or brown paper? Everything will be suitable for a decoupage! In this case it will longer be necessary to work with the main material: or to thin it a skin from a reverse side, with an adhesive tape (speaking in images - to peel), or to stratify the picture in water. If you chose stratification, then cover with an acrylic varnish the party with drawing, let`s dry and wet for 20-30 minutes in water. Having taken out, accurately separate, roll a finger excess paper from a reverse side of drawing.

Executing a decoupage on fabric - not to do without iron. You impregnate a napkin with several layers of textile glue, then, after drying, you smooth the warm iron to fabric within 10-15 minutes.

Dekupazhny cards became current a few years ago. Do we have advantages before napkins? Is. Though how to look, maybe, at it and shortcomings. The Dekupazhny card - more dense paper, than a napkin therefore it is simpler to work with it - it is not torn. On the other hand, happens different density - and the more densely, the, respectively, thicker. Then with it it is necessary to work in addition: a skin nulevky from a reverse side of all drawing or only on its edges.

- there is so much materials for a basis on how many you will have enough imagination. And ideas will not keep themselves waiting. Pictures will look as drawn. Try also you the hand in equipment a decoupage!