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How to vaccinate dogs? Part 2

I Think that all know of advantage of vaccination already, in any case to all those who are able to read books and to use the Internet (and those who are not able - and will not be able to study this text). And here as is correct to carry out vaccination, I am asked quite often

Actually for competent scheduling of vaccination should not be the veterinarian, the expert or it is even simple to have the minimum experience of communication with dogs - the dog should only be able to read and be able to make a hypodermic or intramuscular injection. And all!

However, to address veterinarians all are it is necessary as without their press and the official signature, if something happens, you will be able to confirm with nothing that your dog (or a cat) actually took root. Besides, for trips the obligatory mark in the veterinary passport is necessary, and only the veterinarian can make it. But in Russia this problem is usually solved quite simply, sometimes by means of a chocolate.

So, operations procedure .

1. Bought a puppy.

2. Specified whether his manufacturers vaccinated. If vaccinated - what vaccine how many times and when - in this case it is the best of all to continue that scheme and to vaccinate that vaccine which the manufacturer used if is not present - to call the veterinarian (options - pet-shop, a vetapteka) and to learn what vaccine is available.

3. Typed in any searcher the name of a vaccine which to you was told by the veterinarian (or the manufacturer, the consultant of a veterinary drugstore). Not all vaccines admit all countries (there can be problems when crossing border) - best of all to use popular, widespread vaccines, not to look for rarities and exotic.

4. Chose from hundreds of turned-out references the summary from the producer and you act according to it. The producer of a vaccine, certainly, is better than any veterinarian knows, it is the how exactly best of all to use him a vaccine, and is least of all interested in that the vaccine did not work. There was a failure, your dog had some problems - to treat - that (and to receive money) will be the veterinarian, and the producer can make a complaint, to file a lawsuit against it and undermining authority and consequently, and decrease in sales volume, it is important.

5. And further it is absolutely simple! You read and do as there it is written. Even if you are not able to do injections - it is always possible to find the person who can do it. But it is better to learn - very useful ability.

There is only one difficulty: it is necessary to be ready to assume moral responsibility for health and life of the dog if suddenly all - something is not so So-called breakdowns of a vaccine - situations when the vaccinated dog gets sick - can happen even if everything was made correctly even if the doctor of veterinary sciences vaccinated your dog. But in this case it is possible to accuse this doctor, and in case of independent vaccination - only himself. And it is the most correct - to accuse nobody, combination of circumstances, destiny a liability I do not want to tell

of Missile defense - in case of misfortune (and breakdown of a vaccine I consider as the real misfortune!) the vast majority of normal people will not be able simply to think about material inputs. And then, when everything will well end also a dog (or a cat) will recover, it is possible and to think of compensations. Though even in case vaccination is carried out by the veterinarian, to receive some material compensation very difficult. Officially you will hardly be able to accuse the doctor - usually really nobody is guilty of such cases

Vaccination in veterinary clinic costs about 1000 rubles, upon independent purchase of a vaccine - about 600 rubles. And now everyone for himself has to solve whether he agrees to spend 400 rubles for an opportunity in case of adverse combination of circumstances internally to shift responsibility to another.