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How to get rid of heartburn?

Heartburn. What only you will not try to be exempted from unpleasant feelings! Does not getting hungry, to go, it is even heavy to lie. How to get rid of heartburn quicker and without tablets? It is better to apply non-drug means.

to get rid of heartburn quickly, it is necessary to burn out several peas, but only not tinned and not from soup at all, and the fresh or soaked in water dry. They say that chewing of a root of an acorus helps (here only it still should be found!) . It is possible to drink fresh juice of potatoes.

Help at heartburn broths of herbs, for example, mints, or immortelle infusion (to 1 cup a day). And also collecting herbs (the mountaineer, the Icelandic moss, lyon, mint, a yatryshnik, mother - and - the stepmother, a yarrow, a St. John`s Wort). To take all this in equal quantity. To take 3 tablespoons of mix on boiled water liter, to insist and drink as tea on a half-glass several times a day.

Still if not laziness to be engaged in it, it is possible to prepare such means: to take a shell from the cooked eggs, to crush it in powder. To accept 3 times a day on a half of a teaspoon.

And still rescues drink of alkaline mineral water. Water with mint drops helps. The cleared walnuts or not fried sunflower sunflower seeds.

Some advise in quality ambulance to accept soda solution (a quarter of a teaspoon in water), but it is impossible to abuse this means at all.

Besides, how you go to bed is very important, - it is easier if with the raised head. Also it is undesirable to eat for the night.

And to people who have heartburn often it is possible to advise to eat constantly on an empty stomach buckwheat or porridge, to drink and limit more reception fat food (including vegetable fat), and also coffee and tea. Not to abuse alcohol, aerated water.

Of course not to overeat; is it is necessary slowly, it is worth refusing cakes, chocolate, butter, onions, garlic, a citrus. It is worth giving preference to products which contain cellulose.

Sometimes heartburn is provoked by smoking.

Those who has heartburn often can try to receive medical treatment by means of juice of crude potato. It should be drunk on a glass in the morning on an empty stomach within 10 days. After reception of juice it is necessary to lie down a little, and in an hour - to have breakfast. It is better to repeat a course of treatment in 10 days.

Well and, of course, should watch constantly the food because in that who have rather sensitive stomach heartburn can be caused by the use of these or those products what - it it is already simple to calculate.

Emergence of heartburn in healthy people is caused by misoperation of a gullet, frequent heartburn can be characteristic of any age. Chronic gastritis, an ulcer, a surplus of spicy food in a diet, or the food rich with carbohydrates can provoke it. Therefore follows to get to the bottom to the reason and not just to eliminate heartburn. And of course, it is important to eliminate this reason, and for this purpose it is necessary to address medical specialists.

Good luck!