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How to strengthen the organism by means of water?

Ordinary water - huge force. Thanks to its wonderful properties it is possible not only to temper the organism, but also to rejuvenate , to receive a charge of cheerfulness , to relax . How it is correct to make it?

The most raspostranyonny and certain way to tone up the organism - to take a cool shower. But there is nothing more miracle on the influence on immunity and health, than a contrast shower (douches) - that is alternately cold, hot water. The difference in water temperature depends on your readiness, endurance.

It is possible to begin with more sparing " mode;: to alternate slightly cool and water is warmer, gradually doing cool water is colder and colder, and warm - is hotter. Such shower has remarkable effect on capillaries, for work of heart. And in general (from personal experience) rescues from many beginning diseases. It is the best of all to finish a contrast shower with douche by water of moderately cool temperature. Very well to begin day with such shower or to cheer up if were tired.

And if you are hurt by legs or there is a hint for the beginning of varicosity, it is useful to do of a tray for legs (to a knee), contrast too. It is also useful to take legs in cold water to calves or knees within 1 - 4 minutes to healthy people - such tray serves as the refreshing and strengthening means. Especially, if after hot tiresome day there does not come the dream. Such procedures eliminate fatigue, bring rest and a dream.

The heat foot bath (25 - 26 degrees) is very useful at blood circulation violations, headaches and a sore throat, spasms. Distracting blood to legs, these bathtubs work soothingly. For their preparation in warm water put a full handful of salt. Duration - about 15 minutes.

And when there is time, for strengthening of immunity it is useful for to take a bath . Of course, it is better to apply that option which is pleasant more and brings more pleasure.

A bathtub with bran. Positively influences skin, removes irritation, an itch, liquidates dryness of skin. Fill 300 grams of oat or rice bran in a sack from a gauze and lower in water. Add two tablespoons of starch.

A bathtub with herbs. Rosemary, an acorus, a nettle, a camomile contain the essential oils toning skin. Rosemary refreshes, removes exhaustion, calms. The camomile calms too and removes spasms. Bathtubs with broth of oak bark possess the knitting properties for the top layers of skin. Tones up, refreshes infusion from leaves of a peppermint, melissa, rosemary. Mix of herbs is filled in a gauze sack too and falls to water.

A bathtub with extract from pine needles. Extract is prepared so: it is necessary to take needles, branches and cones, to fill in with cold water and to boil half an hour, then to leave to be drawn half an hour in the closed ware. Such bathtubs strengthen heart. They are applied at hypererethism, sleeplessness, at rheumatism, skin diseases, abscesses, diseases of lungs.

Salt bathtub. blood circulation Stimulates, improves a skin tone a bathtub with sea or usual salt. Salts 250 - 300 grams on a bathtub undertake. Water has to be not hot, after it it is necessary to take a shower.

A bathtub with tea. Well tones up, gives to skin color of easy suntan. It is necessary to make four teaspoons of black tea in a quarter of liter of water, to draw about 10 minutes and dobavitv a bathtub.

By the way, in general it is undesirable to to take a bath on a full stomach - right after food, it is better to postpone food for later. It is the best of all to finish a hot bathtub with a cool shower and more than a quarter of hour is not recommended to be in a bathtub. After acceptance of a bathtub it is necessary to have a rest approximately as much. And, of course, water should not be too cold or too hot at all. The first especially harms kidneys, the second - to heart. Bathe in the pleasure!