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To old men here not the place? Office discrimination of

Take any newspaper with vacancies. Carry out the simple analysis. What age of applicants is given preference? 28 - 40 years. No more. Young people still have not enough experience, heads do not want to invest money in training. And 40 years - people nonflexible, unmodern are more senior. So many personnel officers consider.

Sale of - art. As well as any sale anything. Why the applicant who has an extensive experience and mass of positive skills becomes noncompetitive in labor market? Whether there is a discrimination on age? And who is guilty of it?

I select personnel for editorial office of the large newspaper. The head of delivery is necessary. The head makes the demands to the candidate. As for age - reservations were not though I at once focused attention on it. A salary quite decent for the region. Applicants ten people. All women. Age - from 21 to 55 years. Professions and positions - from the hairdresser to the head of the sales department. At adult applicants as on selection - the underestimated self-assessment. They as though apologize for the age. What relation can be to it? Whether such person will be able to find the place in the sun in such mobile team? One questions. Candidates cannot give answers to them, doubt the abilities and opportunities. Then I begin to leave from direct questions. What candidates are ready to get paid? The answer shook me! They are ready to work for kopeks if only to get some job.

The underestimated level, a scanty internal purse. Unmodernly! How to impart corporate culture to such people? On a question what they will begin the first working day in a desired position with, - at first a long pause and then free variations around yes near. Anything concrete, anything noteworthy. They do not imagine this work at all. Also want to receive from it visibility of employment. Some illusive necessity. Especially fantastically the former actress looked on the general background. Pretentious, affected she suddenly began to sing! Very creatively, but not in a subject. The main task - competently and in time to deliver all copies of the newspaper on sales outlets and customers. Logistic schemes and transport streams. Control and work with subordinates.

Eventually, to this position two young pretenders with a trial period were chosen. Now one of them perfectly adjusted work of department. I drew for myself several interesting conclusions.

If the person ages himself - to him and will belong respectively. He agrees with the age, and in 50 - 55 years he is called the old man. He also puts on as the old man, and carries on boring talk on how it was good in his youth. He lives past, he becomes unmodern. Does not fit into new life, is not in time behind its fast development. And it irritates him. Character is corrupted. Tediousness and inflexibility. Only I am right. Or a silent current on life. Without the purposes and tasks. The lacking initiative and sluggish employee can be also at early age, agrees. Then for what he waits of today?

Has to agree that even at the most democratic office there is an age discrimination. How to fight against it? Not with it, with. With the relation to life.

Each of us can remember many examples when the age did not become a hindrance to brilliant career. When people, hoary with age, worked at key posts on hiring. I do not follow examples of creation of own enterprises where the elderly owner to God and the tsar. It is important to correlate the experience, the knowledge to modern requirements of the market and to be able to sell competently itself. Mature people have the most valuable to any company - experience. Young specialists can just face discrimination at employment from - for lack of this experience.

Experience - valuable argument and expensive goods. And in many industries it is possible not to meet young specialists at all. Construction, defensive industry, metallurgy. Here age - an experience synonym. Chief accountant. What head needs the young specialist to this position? And one hundred more professions and positions wait adult and skilled. The main thing - not to hang in the past. To be interested in novelties of the market. To grind the skill. To raise own self-assessment. To reconsider the image. And to go for each new interview with it is proud of the raised head. I am that expert who is looked for so long ago by your firm. And I will make for firm new profit, I will bring to abrupt boundaries . Approximately the internal monologue of the applicant has to be it. And all appearance has to send success signals to air. Positive people both live longer, and grow old late.

To you is to what to teach youth. And it is your most important potential.

If the candidate at mature age did not acquire any profound professional knowledge in the areas demanded in the market, chances to receive a highly paid position at it are small. To study, to study and study. Always, at any age, under any vital circumstances. That was not to hear excruciatingly painful following the offensive word old man . As label, as result