Rus Articles Journal

Than cruise rest is unique?

If you the person of versatile views and thinking, then go to cruise travel. You will not regret! For one trip you will be able to visit several countries, a set of the cities at once, every day waking up in new port. The kaleidoscope of impressions is provided to you for the whole year, and, maybe, and for the rest of life. Walks on the high sea, you will directly meet fresh sea air, declines and risings by the ship, admiring the unique every minute replaced landscapes.

Daily concerts with the local and invited actors are organized in a ship auditorium, directly there, without descending from the visual place, you will be able to try the fallen in love cocktails and drinks.

By the ship you will find works to liking. The liberated and quiet atmosphere for fans of a quiet rest aft of the ship where in the pacified situation you will be able to sunbathe, read a detective or romance novel, to drink a cup of coffee or tea with rolls and it is lovely to communicate to friends.

If you the active person and quiet rest casts over you boredom and yawning, then you need to go to a thick of events where life is in full swing where decks of the ship where cocktails and wines overflow where fires do not die away till the morning are shaken and where dance all night long to an upad. You will find in numerous day and night bars what was looked for, and rest will only dream you.

And for the active person - the fidget who diligent keeps the figure and is afraid to gather extra kilos, to his services - a gym with racetracks and a raising of weights then it is possible to relax in a sauna and right there to drive herbal tea with friends or to plunge into the cool pool and to float the established distance.

If you the hazardous player or the person with encyclopedic knowledge, then do not pass daily kviza, charades, puzzles, bingo and the casino sparkling, attracting multi-colored fires.

If you have many children, and you just were tired of daily house routine and would like to change scenery, to escape from realities of life, then undoubtedly it is necessary to you in cruise where you for a while will forget that you are mother having many children burdened with children and cares. By the ship there are special children`s clubs on everything age where children do the favorite things who draw who plays games who watches TV and who swims in the pool. And you can be liberated, have a rest, be engaged meanwhile in the fact that to you to liking.

If you the passionate traveler also dream to go round the whole world, to visit a set of the countries and cities, noting ticks those countries which you already visited - to you in cruise! By the ship at your service daily excursions in historical places in port of arrival. Only do not reserve excursion for every day because they can tire you, especially, if these excursions for the whole day. Of course, you can object me. How to pass the new city to which you arrive every day and not to plunge into its atmosphere? What sense in general to go to cruise if to sit onboard, without leaving from the ship? I will answer you directly. If you look, then do not go too far with excursions! They begin very much early, and it means that you should get up hours at 6 in the morning, to take a shower, to have breakfast and be ready for an exit to the city.

If you go to cruise, then it is necessary to think of clothes beforehand. You need a lot of different clothes: in - the first, at least three - four evening dresses; in - the second, several convenient, marching options for excursions; in - the third, bikini and swimming equipment for the pool, a sauna and sea bathtubs; in - the fourth, simple options for daily socks in the afternoon by the ship and, at last, in - the fifth, the corresponding set of shoes, handbags, corbels, scarves and capes will be useful too.

Surely pass evident instructing on a ship sinking case, life jackets have to be in your cabin and correspond to the number of passengers.

Food by the ship, as a rule, various, on all tastes and addictions, meets all international standards and at your service 24 hours a day. You will find in restaurants many meat, fish, vegetable and fruit dishes, at the same time the food will be not only tasty, but also esthetic. On the days off a special culinary delicacy is arranged, about the pool fragrant shish kebabs are fried, the chocolate streaming fountain where you can dip selected fresh strawberry, fruit and a mashmeloa strung on sticks is started. To pass by it and it simply is necessary to try!

Cruise rest pleasant to you, Lord!