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What is mutual funds and with what them eat ?

In increasing frequency we meet information on mutual funds, on how it is available, easy and simply. More and more management companies appear in this market. Figures of profitability which is brought by mutual funds impress. However how to understand how to be convinced that it is really reliable and favorable? And then, there is a lot of mutual funds how to choose the best?

Why it is possible to trust mutual funds? Whether it is valid they such reliable how speak?

Initially, it is necessary to understand what it is mutual fund, and then questions will be removed by itself.

mutual fund was specially created in order that any person could earn from growth of shares. It is, perhaps, the most available financial instrument now and has some advantages before bank deposits. We concretize: The mutual fund places money in the stock of the largest Russian enterprises, such as Gazprom, Lukoil, " MMC; Norilsk Nickel etc. Each of you for certain knows or heard something about these giants of the market. So, you can, to be quiet for the cash flows poured in these mutual funds. Investing money in bank, you depend, in fact, on a financial condition of bank, and in mutual fund money does not belong to Management company, and is isolated in a separate property complex which the state fixedly watches.

Allow to add a tar spoon in bank of honey. In any of areas of our life, there are both positive sides, and negative. One of negative sides is the choice of Management company. As in this market there are various financial openings on single fluctuation of parameters of actions which some young Management companies with not qualified personnel use. We advise you responsibly to approach studying of the biography of the company to which you trust the bank notes.

Is many independent ratings which define the best management companies and mutual funds. Let`s give an example. In a rating of management companies of NAUFOR of UK BKS enters into " group; And (high reliability), in a rating Expert RA - in " group; And + (high level of reliability).

The following question which we will sort and whether everyone can really earn from mutual funds. Yes, such opportunity all have

. Still often it is necessary to face delusion that actions are only for wealthy people or that they can be bought only in Moscow. Actually, to take shares or shares any can who has at least 5000 rubles. At the same time time for purchase makes no more than 20 minutes.

How many it is possible to earn in mutual fund?

Everything depends on the term of your investments into mutual fund and the choice of concrete mutual fund. It is a little statistics: Mutual funds of actions from 31. 10. 2006 on 31. 10. 2007 grew to 32%.

With what it is better to begin?

to Study ratings of the largest management companies and will address to 2 - 3 firms - leaders of the market with the most advanced stage of reliability. After consultations at specialists of these firms, analyse the obtained information and choose those with whom to you awaking most conveniently and to work comfortably. Here some players of this market: Brokercreditservice Lukoil " Fund;.

From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that mutual funds very convenient way of investment into actions.