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How to react to rudeness? The situation at office of

my schoolgirl in two last years made a meteoric career. Now it works a top - the manager in solid Moscow corporation. A few weeks ago contacted me. Council was urgently necessary. At office the new employee appeared. Lovely, witty and talented manager. Irina was pleasant to it at first sight. So it to me described a situation. He cracked unambiguous jokes in its address publicly. Used each opportunity to touch it. Actively discussed all prettiness of its figure. It began to irritate her. Agree, such situation unsettles. Irina is indifferent to it. Moreover, recently was even afraid to communicate with it. What to do in such situation?

Began to understand. Whether there was a direct conversation? Everything has the borders. Whether Irina to the place of the gone too far good fellow tried to put? No. She was afraid to tell it something. But thereby stirred interest in itself. That is allowed to treat herself so. And of what she is afraid? I know it not the first year. To it already under thirty, she is still not married. In each man sees the potential husband. It became her obsession. Most likely, this employee was sent it for passing of a lesson. For differentiation of the relations. I advised to carry out by her with it accurate and rigid conversation to put all end over i . Conversation did not help He apprehended it as game continuation.

Method number two. Then try to shame him at all so that all employees " heard;. Thereby she could stop gossips and hints which already blossomed in the magnificent color at this office. And Irina did not cope with this task. It was unconvincing, the voice shivered. Right there received the next portion of skabreznost. Business got a serious turn. At Irina the hysterics in an occasion began and without. About what fruitful work for the benefit of native corporation could there be a speech? She avoided meetings with the new employee, chose different methods of communication with its department to avoid direct contacts.

Method number three. She addressed the chief. Burst out crying and poured out on it all the pain and sufferings. The chief was stunned! Why to it still this dirty linen? Again its attempts to somehow settle a situation were not crowned with success. Something one my friend had similar, her chief quickly brought order. It can help someone. Irina, probably, needed to enjoy a bowl to the bottom.

And then we decided to choose tactics wedge wedge . I to it advised to accept conditions of game of this macho. To play on its field. To respond to his rudeness to the same. At first it stunned him. He could not understand in any way in what a counter. Did not get used to such scenario. Began to be nervous. In fact, Irina undertook a role of its mirror. And it very much was not pleasant to it. Moreover, she even invited him in cafe to a lunch. And there very accurately and specifically classified a situation. If he was going to work further in this corporation, then can hope only for business relations with it. Depicted plans and tasks of firm and explained its role in this scheme. If it accepts its conditions - they remain just employees. If is not present - it should leave. Yes, and told. Surely and sincerely.

By its own recognition, conversation was given it hardly, but it was as if critical in her life. Now the former boor took a time - a miss. And in a week itself submitted the application for dismissal. It would seem, Irina could celebrate a victory. But she reflected. Understood that this person - her teacher. As she once in this way treated subordinates. Today she is grateful to it for the passable lesson.

Moreover, the girl prepares for a wedding. Met the worthy guy. Mutual feelings. Having passed such school, tempered character and understood that desperate situations do not happen in principle. That to each person it is possible to find the key.

Wisdom to it and happiness!