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Neyrobika. A way to remain young?


Today I begin acquaintance to Neyrobikaya who consists of exercises which instantly improve memory, give to energy, increase readiness of a brain for any work at any age.

“ How called that actor who appears in all early movies of Woody Alain? Well, you know … such brown-haired person with a curly hair?... “

For the first time, having forgotten a name of the familiar person, or the name of the movie, or having forgotten about need to be on important meeting, you, most likely, exclaim “Wai - Wai what loss!

From me already, probably, powder pours!“ - but it will be a joke only half. And, maybe, your interlocutor will guess who means. And if does not guess, then you will be upset and will cause anxiety yourself with persistent attempts to remember the forgotten name.

Usually after 40 years or after 50 (and at other people it happens also after 30) you begin to notice for yourself similar small sins: you do not remember where put car keys or what was listed in “ List of necessary purchases “ which you left at home, having gone on the market or to grocery store … do not understand the maintenance instruction of the new player or microwave oven … think not at once where your car because left from stadium through other gate is parked.

Even if these small sins not strongly disturb in daily life, but can cause concern.

Do not hurry to grieve! Harmless forgetfulness is not a symptom of a horrible disease, and there are means allowing to fight successfully against it. Recent researches of a human brain indicate new receptions which can be included in daily activity to strengthen and develop its internal communications.

Having armed with the whole arsenal of such receptions, you get real chances to improve ability of your brain to resist to violations of vivacity of a reason. Daily neurologists prove to

falsehood of a set of myths about the growing old brain.

Are received clear certificates: the human brain is not obliged to enter prompt dive with age!

Earlier you, probably, quite often heard or read the ordinary phrase “Nervous cages are not restored“. But in 1998 an americana - the Swedish team of scientists for the first time showed: adults have new nervous cages.

Other experiments show the neural chains which developed in an adult brain, are capable to undergo effective changes - contrary to former beliefs that this ability disappears together with the childhood.

All similar finds of scientists formed the basis of the new theory of a brain. Jogging helps the person to keep good all-physical shape, and the neyrobika can help you “to be loaded mentally“, that is to remain the happy owner of sensible mind and strong memory.

So, the neyrobika is aimed at helping you with mature age and later to keep up to standard vivacity, force and flexibility of independent thinking. This program of exercises provides statement before your brain of not sample or unexpected tasks which demand use in different combinations of five physical feelings. (sight, hearing, touch, sense of smell, taste), and also emotional party of the personality.

Chess and a single practical training similar to tests for definition of IQ, a neyrobik categorically differs from other types of “gymnastics for mind“ among which logical puzzles and exercises for memory usually are registered in the fact that “ operates “ all 5 feelings unusually natural predisposition of a human brain to establish associative connection between different types of information with the purpose to advance, push.

Neyrobika is similar to swimming - it supplies your brain with the additional force, dexterity and quickness so that it does not srobet before any task from among intellectual. It is necessary to remember something? To count quickly? To solve a non-standard everyday problem? To think up (to invent) a new technical solution? Please! And all this so far as the neyrobika professes the approach which is based on work of a brain of the person, but not just on how to work with a brain.