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Whether Church Sacraments are real? Beginning

somewhere since 1990 as soon as the ice walls of the state ideology which are holding down spiritual freedom of inhabitants of the former Soviet Union at the population of our country cracked deep interest in church life woke up. People stretched to the Temple, in particular it was brightly shown in aspiration, in that - that became, to christen the child, to take from church Epiphany water home, for Easter to devote Easter cakes and eggs, to consecrate with Sacrament of Wedding the marriage etc. of

But, unfortunately, this interest, though going from soul depth at the majority of us and remains at the level of deep reflexes, reflexes of soul national, one thousand years brought up in traditions of Orthodox Christianity which, by the way, was kulturoobrazuyushchy religion of our Homeland, and literally impregnated spirit and life national.

Why people usually come to Church? It is no secret that to receive something for itself useful. For example, think, having put a candle, to turn successful trade operation. Or, having christened the child, to make it less painful. Or it is successful to pass examination, or to get a job, etc. It at best.

There are also those which come to the temple to derive esthetic pleasure, for example, having listened Night service Rachmaninov performed by Church choir to look at an ancient iconography. But the majority of us sets into the temple only by tradition: it is accepted so, for Easter to consecrate Easter cakes, here we also consecrate.

It would seem - it should rejoice, traditions come to life, spirituality wakes up, besides, people had new holidays. But here an ill luck if to ask the young parents who came to the temple: And why the Sacrament of the Epiphany is necessary? or: And for the sake of Whom you will christen the child now? go even: And in what the Orthodox belief consists? that vast majority of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, and also godparents (and this most awful), will not be able to answer these questions correctly just.

And why? Yes because though the soul also lasts to the temple, but it is not enough, should know the belief and to realize what you are going to do in Church .

Contrary to widespread negligent attitude to Church Sacraments, mostly as to beautiful national traditions which do not bear any practical value of any religious practice enters the person into an inner world in which there live spiritual beings . And the most important of these beings - God.

In Orthodox Sacraments of people adjoins to fertile energiya of the God, addresses Him, opens and waits for the answer from It. And God responds, makes reciprocal action, begins communication, in other words. And then suddenly it turns out that the person absolutely also was not going to communicate with the Creator really. But the matter is that having thoughtlessly started Sacraments, people often harm themselves and the life.

And such person does not excuse at all that he did not know it was not ready did not think . It is impossible to start religious practice, without knowing as what in it it is intended for. And, by the way, it belongs not only to Christianity, but also to any religion - whether it be the fan - Shui, astrology, or national religions of Hindus.

Nobody doubts that it is impossible, having come, for example, on pharmaceutical factory, to begin to eat there all tablets which go on the conveyor and to drink all reactants in chemical laboratory only because they have a beautiful color or taste? And in religion everything is much more serious, and it is heavier than a consequence. Not a secret, for example, that use of meditation and yoga not with the religious purpose, and for health and relaxation moreover and without skilled head, lead to serious mental and corporal disorders.

But what consequences can expect the one who here so, thoughtlessly, will try to gather from live Church Sacrament only its outer side, to tear apart in two a living tissue of religious practice, separating from it only the beautiful ritual party, and neglecting the Creator? What will be if, without having either belief, or knowledge, nor awe to break into religious life, without giving the report in the acts?

I suggest to talk about it in the following articles. In them we will sort in turn each of the main seven Church Sacraments. I will tell persons interested to know about sense and the purpose of each of them, about those benefits which it gives to the person realizing that he asks from the Creator and that is ready to be offered It in exchange. And also, I will tell about those dangers which can trap the impudent and stupid person on this way.