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In what typical delusions of tourists consist?

As well as in any area of human activity, in the sphere of tourism and travel are the delusions. Here I want to discredit the most widespread of them.

The myth 1 your plastic key from a hotel room can be used by

to steal personal data and information from the account of a credit card.

Lie. As easy as shelling pears - hotels do not place your personal information on the card. At best, they contain number of the room and date of activation in a type of a code.

The myth 2

Create a backup copy of your files because X-rays in control - check points of safety can erase the hard drive on your laptop.

Lie. X-rays - a form of electromagnetic radiation, but they are not loaded with a magnetic field. Electromagnetic radiation is similar to light and can light a film from your camera, like light so be careful of it if you - one of those photographers who still use analog cameras with a film. But passing of your portable computer through X-rays will not damage to it.

Nevertheless, is what to be afraid . It is possible that security guards allow you to carry by your portable computer through metal - the detector or will check it by means of a metal stick that is unsafe. These detectors send strong magnetic pulse which can erase information from hard drives.

The myth 3

If you use the Blackberry or cellular communication during flight, the plane will crash.

Lie. All types of electronic devices in 25 years were checked, in 100 - multiple use of RF of interferential levels and nothing happened. It was defined that there is no communication between operation of devices and plane crashes. This question is left to the discretion of policy of airlines - to allow you or not to use Blackberry or cellular communication during flight. Using your cell phone during flight, you risk to prevent crew, but the plane will not get to plane crash.

Myth 4

Cruise all inclusive means that you can hide the wallet for a week.

Lie. It was right earlier, but not now. Cruise vessels raise a payment for a large number of things, including remuneration for unlimited soda now. The new rule for drawing up your budget on the following cruise: Charge the main fee of cruise for journey and increase it on 1,75 from the person .

The myth 5 your personal automobile insurance will cover with

damage from accident at car-rental. If you have no own insurance, your credit card will cover everything.

Truth. Nothing the suspecting tenants of a car - those who have no personal car and therefore have no their own insurance, think that everything will be covered by their credit card. It`s not true. Almost all companies of credit cards offer something under the name Secondary insurance that is a contribution when you exhausted all limits of your initial policy. And if you have no initial policy, then you are not insured in general. But even if you are insured, your limits are checked. If your privately owned vehicle costs $5,000, and the general damage will make $20,000, you lose $15,000.

The myth 6

to save money in Europe - needs to go by train.

Lie. The European trains are not economic alternative to air flights any more. Low - cost the European airlines is cheaper now, than movement across Europe by train. In the services Ryanair the return flight of the interseasonal period from Rome to Frankfurt can cost only $90. For comparison, the ticket for trains from Rome to Frankfurt costs from $326 one way and takes about 12 hours of time.

I hope, you gathered for yourself something useful. Have a good trip!