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What it, loose tongue? The allegorical Carrying on language

the tradition begun Ears on the top we will try to learn from where legs " grow; at language. It is remarkable that the physiological minority of languages (ears at us two, and language - only one to listen more and less to speak), is compensated by a huge number of others " language types;.

Allegorical language

we Will take

for an example boots. Knows that the easiest to put on them if to put out tongue. On the boot, of course. Approximately having estimated total of boots on the planet, it is already possible to doubt domination of ears which as we learned earlier, surround us everywhere.

Or bell.

it is Enough to i to make slightly of it talk - and the sound is provided to you. Too it is possible to pull usual language, however, there is a doubt that the received sound will bear a faint resemblance at least to melodious bell-ringing.

Some, especially children, prefer to take language. At the same time very much are surprised why this soft and warm object all the time escapes from their small chubby fingers. To be fair it should be noted that to take the " language; the settled value of capture of enemy Homo sapiens as information source has.

And, how many languages in kitchen! Besides traditional jellied " language; here also the sole , or the Dover halibut, such very gentle small fish, in age-old times available only to the London local nobility often meets. This fish was delivered in restaurants from Kent County where there is Dover, from here and Dover halibut .

Moreover, some languages it is possible to grow up, for example, mother-in-law`s language. Not that mother-in-law language, but too very similar. A houseplant the sansevieria, for the long and rigid leaves got the well-aimed nickname mother-in-law`s " language;. By the way, some gourmets manage from this plant to create culinary masterpieces and unusual dishes.

However, yazykasty plants not so a little. You judge:

Volovy language (delphinium)

Mutton language (plant anchusa)

of Volovyi uvulas (krovoby)

Sparrow uvulas (sporysh, grass)

Cervine language (Listovnik skolopendrovy)

Devil`s " language; which received the name for red curved prickles.

Phraseological language

On the one hand, a variety of sayings about language approximately same, as in Ears but, strangely enough, the overwhelming number of sayings has obviously directed action - to force the person to be silent. And to listen:

Language the head feeds, it also spoils a back

My Language - my enemy, before mind speaks

That at sober on mind, at drunk in the " language;

You eat mushrooms pie and keep the " mouth shut;.

Other category of phraseological units speaks about need of reduction of volume of language:

To Cut the " language; to truncate,

That to you to choke with the language!

To Suspend for the " language;

To Bite the " tongue;

To Lose the tongue, a speech power .

And literally only a few expressions and sayings give hope for small usefulness of use of this body in life:

You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue

Language is small, the great person moves

To Find a common language .

And most often the " language meets; long angry and without bones but at the same time it it is possible to break . Probably, because before it long scratches .

To be continued: part 2. Erotic language